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S3E7 | Engage with Implementation Challenges

Episode Description:

Implementation challenges help your audience to apply what they’ve learned from you, all while increasing engagement, having fun, and getting results. In this episode, Sandra shares how to run an implementation course for both your membership and your courses.

Show notes

“It’s one thing to learn, it’s completely another thing to take that learning and implement it to get the results that you were after in the first place.”

Today we’re diving into how to run an implementation challenge in your membership or course to increase engagement and to get people to implement your membership or course. 

I run a membership implementation month every May, and run three separate implementation weeks in my Engaged Groups Program. 

Implementation Challenges with Courses

I started implementation weeks in my EG Program because I love when people buy from me, but I don’t want people to buy and not do anything with the program. I want them to be able to use what they’ve learned to get the results that they want. 

The EG Program has eight modules, and I break it down so that participants get the first four, some of which are lighter, foundational things, and then we get into strategies. The next few strategies are about growing their group, so it’s a bit more work. After that, I run an implementation week. Then I run two more. 

In my implementation weeks, I give participants a task for them to do from Monday to Friday. So on Monday, they’ll get one to three tasks to do, Tuesday will have one to three tasks…and we just stretch them out Monday to Friday. Participants will get points for each one of these tasks that they complete and can prove that they’ve done that action. 

This proof of their action not only produces honesty, it also inspires the others in the group and helps to ignite their creativity! 

Throughout the week, I’ll post leaderboards so participants know where they’re at. These leaderboards also bring awareness that we’re doing an implementation week, in case others missed the memo. 

At the end of the week, one of my team members will calculate who has the most points. When I post the last leaderboard, I’ll go live and put the names of the leaders in an online draw—I use something called Wheel of Names—and I’ll spin the wheel for a particular prize. 

It’s so fun to see participants implement, and because I’m in some of their groups, I’ll see the activities that they’re doing and it really excites me. 

Implementation Challenges with Memberships

In my Membership Implementation Month, instead of giving them several assignments each day, I give them a couple of tasks each week. Usually it averages about three tasks a week, so it’s about 12 tasks total. 

I create a guide for the challenge, tell participants what prizes they can win, keep track of their points, and calculate the winners on June 1st. 

These tasks are based on what I’m teaching in the membership, whether it’s sharing an engaging post or reviewing your group description. It’s taking what you’ve already learned in the membership, and applying it in your group to get results. 

I look to see who the top three leaders are, but sometimes there are a lot of ties at the top, especially in a membership. To distinguish who the top three are, I’ve created a timed quiz, and whoever gets the top score will get the most points. You’ll likely have some ties there as well, so I give bonus points to whoever filled out the quiz first. 

By the end of my Membership Implementation Month, I had participants who were super excited about their groups again, and re-committed to implementing what they’ve learned in the membership. 

I love seeing people use what they’ve learned through my membership and EG Program, and participants love seeing the results of their implementation. I hope this inspires you to try out an implementation challenge in your group!