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S3E6 | How to Increase Engagement Through Gamification

Episode Description:

Learn three different ways to incorporate games into your group to add fun, excitement, and engagement!

Show notes

“Nothing brings a group together more than having an experience together.”

Including games in your group can make things fun and exciting…and can even pull in new members who want to be part of the thrill! 

I’m going to give you a couple ideas of how you can gamify (yes, it’s a word!) your free and paid groups to drive growth and engagement. 

In my paid groups, I love to give away prizes. This is something I try to avoid in my free group, however, because I want people in my group to join because they want to be a part of the community, not just because they want prizes. So I like to keep my prizes—which can be something like coaching with me, a seat in my mastermind, or a $10 gift card— limited to my paid group. 

But before we get too deep into prizes, let’s talk about three ways you can add engagement to your group through gamification. 


Create a bingo card through Canva or a bingo card generator, and add tasks or activities to each square. Participants have to complete a line in order to yell bingo! To have them prove that they really did earn a bingo, have them take screenshots or photos of themselves doing the activities on each square. The first one to win will earn a prize! You could also allow everyone who completes a bingo card to be entered to draw for a prize. 

Pop Quiz!

I use a program called to create trivia quizzes, and gather my group members to play! You can host a trivia event and invite a bunch of people to come and play by a certain deadline. So you’ll have to create questions for your quiz and trivia that is related to your topic, but start super easy so people don’t get frustrated and quit right away. The first softball I like to toss out is ‘what is my favorite beverage?’ If you know me, you know how to answer this one! At the end, you can offer an acknowledgement to the people that have taken your quiz, or maybe take the top three winners and give a gift card, VIP ticket to your next event, or a coupon code to one of your services or products. 

Bring out the Leaderboards!

If you go into your group insights, you’ll be able to see the top ten contributors in your group. Post what the leaderboard is now, and tell your group to see what it will look like in 30 days. At the end of that period, the top three contributors will get a prize! It might be helpful to explain what it takes to be a top contributor in a group. You’ll need to create your own posts, comment, and have a reaction. Let them know that these posts have to contribute something to the community, no “good morning”  or “happy Monday” posts! Every week you can post the updated leaderboards to fuel the competition. You’ll be surprised how competitive things can get!

These are three great ways to add some fun, games, and engagement into your group, and I hope you try them out! 

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Talk to you soon!