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S3E4 | Special Episode

Episode Description:

In this special episode, Sandra outlines the benefits of having a community-driven business and shares three key tips for maintaining an engaged and profitable group.

Show notes

“Just see and treat your group as a community, as an asset to your business, a vital platform for your offers, and a home for you to serve your audience.”

Welcome back! In this special episode I’m covering three different keys to having an engaged and profitable group!

Because when you have a community-driven business, there’s so much you can do in your business. You can take more time off, you can provide amazing content to your free members, you can build an engaging community of paid members, and you can go into your group at any time to put in an offer and make money without the struggle. 

(And when I’m saying community-driven business, I mean a community where buyers and nonbuyers come together to help eachother out, or talk about your products or services.)

There are so many benefits to having an community-driven business, like: 

  • Increasing organic referrals. I know I’m loved, supported, and well-respected in my group, so I don’t need to go pitching to perfect strangers…my audience is right there!
  • Increasing sales leads. Your group gathers people who share your values and who want to work with you, and who are more likely to buy from you!
  • Increasing the lifetime value of a customer. Retention is higher in groups, people don’t tend to leave them as often as they unsubscribe to a page. 
  • Improving market research. You can go into your group and ask what they’re struggling with the most and what resources they’re looking for. You can also pitch ideas, like “I’m thinking of running a mastermind, and here’s what it’ll look like. What do you think?” 
  • Decreasing marketing costs. You already have this amazing group of people who are interested in what you offer, so you don’t have to spend your entire budget on ads for strangers. 
  • Creating a supportive community of fans that will cheer you on! 

So it’s easy to see why I LOVE creating community-driven businesses for my clients. And I’ve learned a lot about managing these groups during my 17 years as an online entrepreneur. I’ve had my hands in over 500 communities—some with launches that reached six figures!

And I’m going to share the three key tips for your group that you may not have thought of before. 

  • You don’t need a big group to get results! When I started my Facebook group I only had 280 people, but I had 97 people buy. That was able to bring in five figures for me that month!
  • Engagement rises when you show up and you care. If you’re not active in your group, why should anyone else be? If you listen and give the people in your group what they need or what they’re asking for, your group’s growth and engagement will increase!
  • There are so many time-saving ways you can promote in your group! I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather create a post or do a Facebook Live to announce an event or offer than write an email about it. And you don’t have to have these huge events all the time to draw more people to your group, you can do smaller things and keep it consistent. 

I’ve created a program that will guide you through the key parts of having a successful group, like setting the foundation, growing your group, engaging, monetizing, building your team, and having a paid group for paid offers…all in a way that is easy and gets results! Learn more about my Engaged and Profitable Groups Program, and start creating momentum in your group! 

Thanks for tuning into this special episode!