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S3E5 | Engaging with an AMA

Episode Description:

Sandra talks about how a quick AMA (ask me anything) post can create engagement and value in your group, and shares how this strategy has even helped her to make sales.

Show notes

“It really connected me to my group. And then it also showed the people that might not know me very well my experience, how I answer questions, how I work with people, and how I provide value.” 

If you’re looking for a spontaneous way to engage your group, try out an AMA, an “ask me anything” post! I love to do AMAs in those in-between moments, like when I’m waiting for an appointment that I’m too early for. I’ll just go into my membership or free group and tell my audience to do just that…ask me anything!

I typically create a post and use one of the backgrounds that Facebook gives you, and tell my group that I’ll be there for 30 minutes to answer any of their questions. Then I’ll provide them with topics they can ask me about so it’s a little bit easier for them to generate questions. 

Sometimes it will take a couple of minutes before the questions start to trickle in, but once they do I just start having a chat in the comments section and answer their questions. 

I’ve done AMAs a couple of times now, and I started to notice that a lot of people were asking questions about challenges, and I have a Challenge Workshop. I told my group that I had seen a lot of questions about challenges, so I offered them the coupon for my workshop and let them know they could take advantage of it. 

From this, I made some sales without doing any promotion. I didn’t send an email. It was exclusive to my group. 

So not only did I make a couple of sales, but that AMA really helped me to connect with my group. I was also able to showcase my expertise, and people in my group who didn’t get a chance to know me before were able to see how I answer questions, how I work with people, and how I provide value. 

An AMA is a great way to engage your group, answer questions, and provide value, all without doing a Facebook Live. I would recommend you do an AMA maybe every other month or so, but it’s a great strategy. I hope you try it out!