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S3E11 | Engaging in Other People’s Groups

Episode Description:

How can you spread the word about your awesome community when you’re not allowed to post links or send DMs in someone else’s group? Sandra covers ways to respectfully engage in other people’s groups.

Show notes

“Treat other people’s Facebook groups like it was your home, your dinner party.”

If you’re active in someone else’s group, what are some things you should look out for? Before you start engaging, familiarize yourself with their group rules. 

Most groups don’t allow you to put a link in the feed, let you to DM members, or even permit you to ask someone to DM you, so be aware of the rules and know that they can change without much notice. Make sure that you treat other groups with respect, otherwise you might get kicked out!

While you can’t promote your own group in someone else’s, you can make sure that your Facebook profile is up to date. You can check this by going into a group that you’re a member of and clicking on your profile picture, and you’ll see your user profile. Your user profile is particular to that group, and for each group you can edit your user profile a bit. 

Your user profile will show you all of your posts in the group, and the last three actions, like comments, that you took. Your latest activity will be on the left, your posts will be on the right. Take a look at this profile, because if you’re going to be very active in a group, you want that profile to reflect who you are. You can change your profile’s bio to let people know more about what you do, and include links. I have links to my website, my Facebook groups, and membership. Think of where you want people to go, and decide what links you need!

You also want to know what your general Facebook profile looks like to people, so ask a Facebook friend to view your profile and share what they see, and ask someone who isn’t your Facebook friend to tell you what they see on your profile. You want to make sure that what you have on your profile, like where you studied, previous jobs, your likes, etc. are what you want people to see. 

You’ll want to make sure that your profile cover image represents who you are, or shows what you want people to know about you. 

I love using my profile to guide people into joining my group. When I’m active in a group and am answering a lot of questions, people will typically go to my profile, and then will join my group or buy one of my courses or workshops. 

This was a quick episode, but I hope you found it helpful! Now go out and start engaging—respectfully!—in different groups!