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S3E10 | Engagement in Your Paid Group

Episode Description:

Learn how to engage your paid group members by acknowledging them, rewarding them, holding group sessions, and communicating what your upcoming events will be.

Show notes

“Those in your paid group, they paid you. They are helping you pay your mortgage, your bills, etc. You treat them like gold. It is important.” 

In our last episode we talked about engaging your free members, and this episode is all about engaging your paid members! 

Engaging your paid members is different because they’ve already bought from you. Now we’re engaging them so they’ll continue to stay in your membership or your course. Now it’s time to give them results and get them motivated. 

If membership sites begin to lose momentum, members can begin to wonder whether or not they want to stay in your membership. Engaging paid members is a great way to combat this!

My first tip is to recognize your members. This could be as simple as liking their comments, answering their questions, or holding an AMA (ask me anything). Mention their names in your Facebook Lives, or create a post thanking your top 10 contributors every month. Or just take the time to thank everyone for being in the community, and for helping one another out. If there are people in your group who are being extra encouraging and helpful, you can tag them in this thank you post! You can also post a digital gift card in your group and let members get a cup of coffee on you!

Following up with your members is also super important. If you don’t know an answer to someone’s question, find it out and follow up with them! This level of service can influence members to stay in your paid group. You want to treat your paying members like gold…after all, they are paying you! 

Something else I like to use in my paid groups is called a co-working session. Working can sometimes feel lonely or isolating, and bringing people together to work can build a sense of community and accountability. I like to have one person facilitating the co-working Zoom call, and the rest of the participants will be muted. The facilitator will ask everyone to put in the chat what they’ll be working on for the next hour. Everybody works for an hour, and then comes back and shares what they’ve accomplished. After the session is over, make sure you share some wins!

Even if only the facilitator is on camera, members will become familiar with the names of the people in the chat. This will make it easier to connect, and will increase the engagement in your group! When someone they recognize from the co-working session posts in the group, they’ll be more likely to cheer them on and react to their comments. Even though it’s only over Zoom, they feel like they met that person. 

Another way to increase engagement is to be super clear about what’s coming up in your paid group. Do you have a Q&A coming up or an upcoming strategy session? Are there any new deliverables on the horizon? Put these upcoming events in the ‘featured’ section of your group or put them in a guide so members will know what’s going on in the group and show up! 

So those are a couple of ways to engage your paid members! Acknowledge them, reward them, hold group sessions like co-working sessions or coffee chats, and communicate with them. The more you do that, the more your members will become more and more active in the group!