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S2E9 | Running an Epic Challenge in Your Group

Episode Description:

Suzi Dafnis, CEO of HerBusiness, talks to Sandra about her past challenge successes, how well her challenges converted into sales, how you can do a challenge in your group even if you’re introverted, and more!

Show notes

“So when you can have people inside a group and you can really serve them, and the thing you’re offering is a hand in glove fit for whatever it is you’re going to sell them, and you can build that know, like, trust, factor, and you can give them a sample of what it’s like to be in your paid thing, I think that you can get those conversions” -Suzi Dafnis

In this episode I got to talk to Suzi Dafnis about one of my favorite topics…challenges! 

Suzi is the CEO of HerBusiness, an online community for women with established businesses who need help getting to that next level. (Check out Suzi and her free community at: 

She’s run two challenges in pop-up groups and saw awesome conversion rates at the end. Between the challenges, 24-33% of people in the challenge group ended up buying what she offered at the end of the challenge. How exciting is that? 

Suzi learned about challenges from my Facebook group, but she’s remixed her challenges in ways that I LOVE. 

Suzi’s challenge is called the “Get New Clients Coaching Week,” and over the course of five days Suzi coaches participants in how to do exactly that. This challenge let the women in her group get to know, like, and trust her, and it let them know what coaching would be like if they decided to join her paid membership at the end of the week. 

As you know, putting your content IN the group so people need to join is key, so Suzi put all of her coaching, downloadables, and other goodies inside her group. She also utilized guides within her group so people could know what to expect for the days ahead. In a stroke of genius, she also included guides on getting to know her, and a guide on what her paid membership entailed, so the offer wouldn’t come as a surprise at the end of the week. 

Suzi also had great ways of engaging with her group throughout the challenge week, like updating her cover photo in the pop-up group daily so people could see that something new was going on. Instead of a standard “introduce yourself” post, Suzi requested that the women in her group post a picture of themselves and answer three questions to introduce themselves. Her page was filled with beautiful faces, which added an amazing personal touch…and drove up engagement. 

To get more people involved in the conversation, Suzi made posts that had nothing to do with the challenge, like a fun game of two truths and a lie. (For those who have never played, each person shares three unlikely statements. Two are truths, and one is an un-truth, as Suzi put so well. Then other group members try to guess which statement is the lie. It’s a great conversation starter!) 

One of my favorite takeaways that Suzi shared is that you can do a challenge in your group even if you don’t think you can…looking at you, introverts! What Suzi loved was that there was a start and end time to her being totally engaged, because engaging all the time can wear anyone out, not just an introvert! 

Suzi is looking forward to running her “Get New Clients Coaching Week” again, so if that challenge sounds like it’s for you, be sure to join her free group

And if you want to learn the step-by-step of running an epic challenge in your own group, sign up for my Challenge Workshop!