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S2E4 | How to Use Your Network to Grow Your Group

Episode Description:

Learn how to bring an expert from your network into your group to engage your audience and grow your community…all without having to create your own content! Sandra explains how to find the perfect guest speaker, and why this sort of collaboration is so simple and effective!

Show notes

“I’m very protective about my community, so it’s very important to me that I bring the right people into the community, into the podcast.” 

If you’re going on vacation, or are attending a conference, or just want some time off, you can still engage your group…all while not creating any new content yourself! 

You can bring in guest speakers and experts from your network—people you already know, like, and trust—and have them go live in your Facebook group, even if you’re not there!

There are so many benefits to this. You get to feature people you know and love, and your audience gets to learn from someone new. 

The first step I take is to find a gap, a topic that I don’t know enough about to present on. Then, I’m going to go to my network and see who would be the best speaker for the topic. Ideally, this should be someone you already know, like, and trust. You don’t want to bring just anyone into your group. 

But if you don’t have anyone in mind, you can still use your network! Reach out to your group and ask “Who would you like me to interview in this group? Who would be a great asset?” I love to feature those in my membership, private group, masterminds, or community-driven program because I already know, like, and trust them. Presenting other members in your Facebook group is a great way to engage and keep people in your group. 

One of the reasons this sort of collaboration is so great is that your guest expert will also be telling their audience that they’ll be in your group. 

If I was a podcast guest, I’d reach out to my group and let them know what podcast I’d be on and when, so they could listen. Then they might subscribe to that podcast, or become a member of that Facebook group. It’s about borrowing other people’s audiences. 

And another beauty of this is that you don’t even need to be in your group to pull this off! I went live in a friend’s group on her wedding day when she couldn’t be in her group. 

You don’t have to be on the Facebook Live to interview your guest expert, or even be in the comment section. You could just be off doing your thing! 

So, just to recap, here are some action steps: 

  • Look at what you teach people in your group and see what they’re asking for. You could even use a poll to determine what they need. 
  • Get your guest expert, or put out a call for presenters in your group to get the perfect person. 
  • Let them remind their audience of their upcoming interview or Facebook Live…with a reminder to join your Facebook group!

I hope this strategy is helpful for when you don’t want to create new content, or just need a break!