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S2E3 | Things You Can Do Right Now to Grow Your Group

Episode Description:

Here are 5 painless ways to help grow your group and get the results you want to see quickly!

Show notes

“When something is exclusive in your group, more people are going to join your group just because it’s the only place that they can get access to that event.” 

In this episode, I share with you 5 things you can do to grow your group to see results quickly. They’re all painless, I promise! These are things that you can do any time you want to see an increase in group members, or you can repeat them every single month. 

#1 Review Your Facebook Profile 

If you have a Facebook profile, it just makes sense to use it to point people to your Facebook Group. If you’re in another group, surrounded by people who would be perfect for your group, and you’re interacting and answering questions, people will want to know more about you. And to do so, they’ll click on your profile. 

Make sure that your bio is set, the links on the left hand side work, and make sure that you’re using the “public” setting on posts about your group that you want people to see! 

#2 Bring in the Email List

Even if your email list is a small one, go ahead and say ‘Hey! I’d love for you to join my community!’ Tell them what your group is all about, why they should join, and what’s coming up in the group. 

Make sure to share the cover image of your group or share a screenshot so they know what they’re looking for. Any time you have an event in your group, go back to your email list and let them know! And give them enough time that they can come and join in beforehand. 

#3 Create an Event in Your Group

Create an event that’s exclusive to those in your group. It could be a Facebook Live, a stream, a panel discussion, a training, a guest speaker…whatever you can dream up! This will bring more people into your group because they’ll want to be a part of what’s happening. 

Then, make sure you go outside of your group, through your Facebook page, Instagram, email, ect, and tell people about your event. 

#4 Create a Social Media Post

Go into your social media channels and tell your followers what your group is all about. (Hint: you can copy and paste what you wrote to your email list and use it for social media.) You can schedule this to go out once a month so it’s always ready, just make sure to change up the copy and switch up the image each time to keep it fresh. 

#5 Create a Facebook or Instagram Story

Create a story about your group, and share how people can find it. In Instagram you can include a link to your group, but in Facebook you can’t. But, if you take a screenshot of what your group looks like, then your audience can search and find it. Be sure to tell them why they should join your group, and then add your story to your featured area, page, and highlights. 

These are just five simple tasks you can complete to grow your group! Thanks for tuning in!