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S2E2 | Small changes can lead to big results!

Episode Description:

Sandra shares tweaks you can make on social media to guide new members to your group. 

Show notes

“You’ve got all these free spaces that you already own, your different profiles. Make the most of them to help bring people into your community and into your group.”

Lots of people forget that they have these social media platforms where they can promote what they do, but you could be using your profiles to find new people who are dying to be a part of your awesome community! 

In this episode, I share some quick changes that can equal big results—some of which you can do once and it’s done. 

Tip #1: Your Facebook Group Cover Image

You know how a picture is worth a thousand words? Your cover image says a lot about what your group is all about, and you want that image to attract new members. If someone isn’t in your group, the cover image could make or break it for them! Take advantage of this space by: 

  • Making sure your picture is positive, welcoming, and bright
  • Displaying the name of your group, and making sure that it’s large enough to read easily
  • Including a good tagline that helps to explain what the group is about
  • Checking that everything looks good on mobile

Tip #2: Your Facebook Group Description

Your Facebook group description is public, and it’s something people will check if they’re debating whether or not to join your group. Your description will allow you 100 characters, then you have to click the ‘see more’ button to…you guessed it, see more. 

These first 100 characters are essential, and should really pull people in. Talk about your group and why they should want to join it. Don’t use this space to just talk about yourself, or have links to your products. 

Those outside your group are thinking ‘why should I join?’ Answer that for them first! Save the rest of the description for your promotions. 

Tip #3: Your Facebook Group Name

Take a look at your group name. Does it tell people what your group is about, or do they have to think about it? Does it use lingo they might not know yet? 

Tip #4: Your Facebook Profile

Use your Facebook profile to your advantage! You have space for 101 characters in your bio, and in there you can tell people to join your free community! Use a link shortener, and you’ll have more space to tell them why they should join. 

P.S. In your bio there’s also a space for links on the left hand side. You can put a link for your group there as well. 

Tip #5: Your Instagram Bio

You can only have one link in your Instagram bio, but if you’re using or a similar program, you can add more. You can include a link to your group here!

Tip #6: Facebook and Instagram Stories

When you post a story on Facebook or Instagram, you can save them as highlights. If you’re going to be doing a story about your group, which I highly recommend, save it as a highlight and put it in an area called “Community,” then save other stories about your group there. 

Tip #7: Facebook Page

On a Facebook page, there’s a button that you can edit on the top right. There are different options like “buy now,” but there’s one called “visit group.” You can actually connect your group from your page.

And this goes without saying, but I highly recommend that you post about your group on your social media platforms. Not sure what to post? Tell your audience what your group is about, why they should join, what to expect, and what’s coming up! 

And although this episode is about social media, I have one extra bonus tip to leave you with. Reach out to your email list and let them know about your group! Let them know what your group is about, and what they can expect. There are people in your mailing list that would love to become a part of your community, you just have to invite them. 

That’s all for this episode, thanks for tuning in!