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S2E11 | Creating Your Successful Challenge – Pt.2

Episode Description:

Sandra talks about her past challenges, and what worked and what didn’t work for her. Learn more about having two aspects to your challenge, creating goals for yourself, making an offer at the end of the week, and knowing what to promise your challenge participants.

Show notes

“I make sure that the activities are less than fifteen minutes…I really want the activities to be short. I don’t want it to be a full day thing for them, I don’t want it to be hard for them, I really want it to be super easy for them.” 

It’s part two of creating your successful challenge, and I wanted to talk about my process for designing my challenge. 

Like we talked about in our previous episode, I like to have two components to my challenges: activities and trainings. My activities are short, 15 minute tasks that will help participants to get their win—a 50% increase in engagement in your group…or more! I also offer short Facebook Lives in my group to teach different concepts or to answer questions. 

I strategically plan out my activities so that participants get the promised result by the end of the challenge, so I map out different strategies I use with my clients and decide what to use on which day. The first five days I use a strategy that I know works, and give them bite sized pieces each day. Some other days are just bonus days where we aren’t using the strategy, but are doing other things to increase engagement. 

I base my training calendar on when I’m going to open the cart for what I’m offering at the end of the challenge. My challenges are 9 days plus a kickoff party, so I like to open my cart and start promoting my offer on Day 5. Towards the end of the challenge engagement will drop off and things will slow down, so I don’t recommend waiting until the very end to launch your offer. If you’re holding a 5 day challenge, I would say to open cart on Day 3. 

Once I know the day I’m opening my cart, I make sure that my training that day is relevant to my offer, and is a topic that will generate a lot of interest and excitement. My challenge is the Grow, Engage, and Monetize Your Group Challenge, and people always want to learn more about monetizing, so that’s the topic for open cart day. I also make sure to include some amazing bonuses for the first day of open cart!

From open cart day, I will work forwards and backwards. I aim to talk in my trainings for 15 minutes a day, but I talk a lot and typically go for 30! I also always make sure to hold a Q&A at the end of each training. 

Something I’ll also always incorporate into my training days is a success panel, where people who have been a part of my Engaged and Profitable Groups Program, what I’m offering at the end of the challenge, can share their successes working with me. 

For my latest challenge in March, I also experimented with an upsell. My Grow, Engage, and Monetize Your Group Challenge is entirely free, but this year the ‘thank you’ page had an offer for them to add a special implementation bonus, which was for those who wanted something a little bit more from the challenge. I kept the cost to join the group low, and they were able to get accountability from fellow group members and have four Zoom meetings with me during the challenge so I could work with them. They also got recordings of the Zoom meetings and all trainings. The money I earned from doing an upsell I was able to use for Facebook Ads to bring more people into my group!

Challenges are such a great way to grow, engage, and monetize your group…all while having fun! I hope this season inspired you to go out and try a challenge in your own group!