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S1E9 | How to make quick cash from your group

Episode Description:

Sandra discusses the benefits of having a warmed-up group that’s ready to buy, the best way to approach affiliate promotions, and how an engaged, monetized group can help you with all kinds of goals in your life!

Show notes

“Because the group is already warm and connected with me, it’s not like pulling teeth to get people to buy things.” 

In this last episode of The Engaged Groups Podcast, I’m sharing ways you can make quick cash from your group!

If you remember from episode 5, the number one thing that leads to sales is engagement. If you’ve been involved in your group, connecting, providing valuable posts, and proving the value of your group, it will be really easy for you to go in there and sell. People won’t feel like they’re just being sold to or spammed.

And this isn’t just true for your own offers. One way to make quick cash is through affiliate promotion. 

Affiliate promotion = Promoting a workshop, challenge, or something else for a friend or client 

I don’t have a giant list, but there’s been two affiliate promotions in the past month where I was the number one affiliate. And it all comes down to my approach. It’s as simple as being authentic. 

I go in, share what my friend or client has going on, and say why I trust this person, why I like what they have to say, and who they are to me. Then, I’ll share a link below in case anyone is interested. And it works. 

Because people are already warmed up and they trust me, I’m just transferring that trust to the person I’m promoting.

And sometimes showing up makes all the difference. For one affiliate workshop, I posted that I would be attending. This made several people realize that if I was joining, it must be super valuable. When you show up, people see the connection and want to be there. 

When you have a group that’s already warmed up, it’s so much easier to sell. You can make some quick cash just by putting out a post, doing a Facebook Live, or changing your cover image.

In the past, I’ve been able to use some of the money I’ve gotten from affiliate posts to give back to my community. There’s no end to the surprising ways that an engaged, monetized group can help you with all sorts of goals in your life!

That’s it for this episode, and that’s the end of season one! Thank you so much for coming along with me on this journey…I’m so excited for you to listen to season two!