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S1E8 | 4 Types of Launches You Can Do In Your Group

Episode Description:

Sandra gives a breakdown of four productive and effective strategies to launch an offer to your group.

Show notes

“There are many other ways to launch in your group, I feel like these are the most productive, most effective launches going on these days.”  

Welcome to the eighth episode! I’m sharing a step-by-step breakdown of four launches that have worked really well for me and my clients.

Founding member’s launch:

  • Post in your group that you’re planning on starting a membership. Tell them the deliverables, the topics, and ask for their feedback.
  • Take that feedback and develop your membership site. It can be really simple!
  • Offer a limited-time special rate for founding members, a rate that will never go up.
  • Spread the word! Email your list, keep posting and sharing the deadline, and do a Facebook Live explaining this amazing deal!
  • On the last day of your founding member’s rate, do an extra push! Remind your email list, post in all your groups, and do a Facebook Live. In some cases, including mine, most of your sales can be made on that last day.

Challenge launch:

  • Give your group a challenge! Tell them what the event promises, give them results, and spread the word! In my past challenge I gave participants a daily task that was 15 minutes that would grow their groups.
  • Do Facebook Lives throughout the challenge to teach. You’ll have people who are interested in just participating in the challenge, some who just watch your live videos, and some who will love both!
  • A challenge launch will create lots of buzz around you, and they’re a ton of fun! New people will join your group and your membership because of it!
  • If you want to learn more about challenge launches, I have a Challenge Workshop available on my website!

Live Launch:

  • Head into your group and ask them which topics they’d like to learn more about. Let them know you’ll pick the winning topics by a certain date. Hint: let people comment on the post rather than launching a poll. Comments boost engagement, polls don’t.
  • Promote the poll inside and outside of your group.
  • Announce the top 3 winning topics, and promote!
  • Do three different Facebook Lives for each topic. Start with the 3rd most requested topic, then move to the 2nd, before finally doing #1.
  • The 2nd Live is a great time to launch an offer, and typically the offer should be related to the top three topics you’re talking about. Explain why your offer is so great, and give them a deadline—either close the offer entirely, or only give them a limited time to get a bonus!

One Time Mini-Workshop Launch

  • Go to your group, and tell them on this date, I’m going to talk about this, come and join me!
  • Then, go live and talk about your topic, and then make an offer at the end.
  • That’s it! It’s that simple! Since this launch is so low effort, I don’t recommend doing this for something that’s over $500 or for something huge, but it works great for smaller offers!

And that’s a wrap! With these four examples in mind, go out and launch some offers!