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S1E7 | How to leverage your group to create offers your group is ready to buy

Episode Description:

The best way to create an offer that your audience will love is easier than you think…just ask! In this episode, Sandra shows you how to leverage your group when creating your offers so you can give the people what they want!

Show notes

“It all came down to asking my audience what they needed, and what they would pay for, and what they wanted…this is a huge valuable piece of having your own Facebook community. You can’t do this in someone else’s community…you just won’t have the love and support.”

There’s nothing more disappointing than when you’ve put your heart and soul into building an offer you think your audience will love, and no one buys. Trust me, I’ve been there!

Luckily, having a group comes with some advantages. With groups, you can put out feelers before you invest time into building an offer, and can get feedback on your ideas. It’s as simple as asking people what they’d like to see next, what their price point would be, and what would need to be included for them to buy.  

I’ve done this many times with my groups, like when I first launched my membership in May of 2019. When I was still toying with the idea of creating an Engaged Groups Membership, I asked my group what they would want to be included. I listed my ideas, and invited people to add their own. In the comments, many said “do what you want!” or “all of the above!” But one comment suggested downloadable monthly templates for social media, to make engagement easier. (A feature that is still part of my membership today!)

Two weeks later, I went live in my group, explaining what my membership was about, and offered a beta rate for those who signed up that week. In just 5 minutes, 8 people had signed up. My goal was 20 new members. After I made my membership public, I had 97 people.  

Oftentimes your group members will know your strengths better than you do—remember in episode one where I mentioned it can be hard to see your own genius? People love to contribute, and asking for feedback from a community that’s cheering you on is the best way to create an offer that they’ll love…and buy!  

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