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S1E6 | What You Need to Know to Create a Highly Engaged Group

Episode Description:

Sandra’s diving into the Facebook algorithm, and explaining how you can get it to work for you! Learn why engagement is key to get more of your posts noticed, what new members will see from your group, and how to stay consistent with posting.

Show notes

“Yes Facebook looks at engagement stats as comments and likes, but engagement is also, from a human perspective, that they’ve come in and read. There are people who are just shy and new and they just feel vulnerable to post or comment and they’re just coming to view. And a lot of internet marketers disregard those people and it really makes me upset…it doesn’t mean they’re not a valuable member of that group.”

Not all groups are created equal, especially when it comes to Facebook’s algorithm.

Facebook wants users to stay on their platform as long as possible, and one of the ways they do that is by using an algorithm that tries to show people what they’re most interested in.

For example, if someone new joins your group, Facebook will assume that it’s a topic they currently want to hear more about. So they’ll get a couple of your latest posts in their feed quite quickly.

This means if you’re planning on a bunch of new members joining, like if you’re holding a challenge or offering a promotion, you’ll want to post something significant. It can also be helpful to have a “here’s what’s going on” post for new members, so they don’t feel overwhelmed with everything.

You’ll also want to make sure your group is navigable. If people can’t find what they’re looking for, they’ll get frustrated and leave. Use guides, topic hashtags, or the featured area at the top of your group to organize.

When you join a group, your notifications are set to show you highlights by default. You’ll get notified about your friend’s posts and suggested posts.  

*Suggested posts = highly engaged posts. It can be a post that’s gotten a lot of comments over time, or a new post that’s getting a ton of comments.*  

This is why engagement is so important. If your post is engaging, Facebook’s algorithm will recognize people are interested in this group, and keep showing them posts and drawing them  back in.  

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One mistake internet marketers can make is relying too heavily on Facebook’s engagement stats, which translate engagement as comments and likes. But from a human perspective, engagement is also that people have come and viewed your posts.  

Some people are just shy, or feel too vulnerable to comment or post anything yet. Sometimes the group isn’t in their first language, or they’re still learning about your topic. Just because they’re not commenting doesn’t mean that they’re not a valuable member of your group.  

To keep people coming back, keep your engagement consistent and constant. Schedule out your posts, and your group will always be warmed up and ready to engage and buy!