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S1E5 | The Number One Thing That Leads to Sales

Episode Description:

Sandra talks about the number one thing you should be doing to increase sales in your group…engaging! Learn why marketing attempts tend to fall flat in sleepy groups, how to get conversations going, and how to get your audience to know, like, and trust you!

Show notes

“No one wants to be sold to. They eventually want to know that there’s an offer and solution for them, but they don’t want to be taken.”

Imagine you’re at a dinner party in a crowded room. Nobody’s really talking or interacting, people are standing along the walls. Then you walk in and loudly announce, “Hey, I’ve got a great offer here! Who wants in?” It’s likely all you’ll hear back are crickets.  

Your guests will be taken aback, and maybe even feel taken advantage of. It isn’t a good look.

The same thing happens when you try to sell to your group and it isn’t engaged. If you want to pitch an offer to your group then you need to nurture your group; you can’t just pop in every time you have a new widget. You need to build that relationship with your audience, and then the excitement (and sales!) will come.

And the main way to engage your group is simple…engage yourself! If you’re not in the group engaging, why should anyone else be in the group engaging?

Start conversations, answer your group’s questions, comment back, and acknowledge them. Whether it’s a post thanking your top engagers, or responding to their comments during a Facebook Live, make your group members feel seen. It goes a long way.

One key way to get the talking started is to find what connects everyone. Of course you’re all here because you have a shared interest in the topic of your group, but there’s more everyone has in common!

Ask everyone to share where they’re from, to see how many countries are represented in the group. Everyone’s proud of where they’re from, and can’t help but answer! Request pictures of their pets…there’s no pet owner who doesn’t have a dozen photos ready to share. While these prompts may seem unrelated to the purpose of your group, they’re essential to nudge people to get to know each other, and to create that sense of community you’re striving for.

Another great way to engage is through Facebook Live. Teach your group something, and keep it short and sweet! Even if you don’t have many live attendees, a ton of group members will go back and watch your replay later.

Or, if you’re in one of those in-between moments, post an AMA (ask me anything). People want to know that you know your stuff!

I recently did an AMA that led directly to sales, even though I wasn’t trying! As I was answering everyone’s questions, someone asked how to grow their group. I answered their question, and then shared that my Engaged Groups Membership had several workshops that could help. A couple of people grabbed a membership!  

Remember to keep thinking of your group as a dinner party. Socialize, have fun, and don’t sell to a silent room!