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S1E4 | Special Guest Dr. Dre Cleveland

Episode Description:

Sandra is joined in the studio by Dr. Dre Cleveland, a life coach and creator of Girl, Get Your Life Together, a platform for Black women to work on healing, self-love, and manifesting their desires. Dr. Cleveland shares her experience using a member drive to triple the size of her group, explains how she created a “FOMO Machine,” and shares lessons she’s learned along the way!

Show notes

“Even new people were inviting people, everyone was just on board inviting their friends and just sharing what we were doing in the group and that was really phenomenal. To see that level of growth, the group has grown since then, but it’s not the same as seeing that happen that quickly.” – Dr. Dre Cleveland 

Give a warm welcome to my very first guest on the Engaged Groups Podcast, Dr. Dre Cleveland! 

Dr. Dre is an author, speaker, life coach, and intuitive healer who’s earned the nickname of the Butterfly Queen for the way she transforms her clients. She’s also the creator of Girl, Get Your Life Together, a platform for Black women to work on healing, self-love, and manifesting their desires, which has got to be one of my favorite groups. It’s filled with a bunch of caring women who have a really good energy to them, and it always makes me smile when it comes across my feed. (Seriously, go check her out!)

In 2019, there were just under 300 members in Girl, Get Your Life Together. In just 5 days, that number jumped to nearly 1,000.  

Dr. Dre was one of the first people to sign up for my Engaged and Profitable Groups course, and one of the lessons in the “growth” module was to do a membership drive.  

Quick refresher: a membership drive is when you go into your group, and tell them a goal you have about increasing your group size. Maybe you want to double the amount of members you have. Then, you’ll share that you’re running a contest, and whoever refers the most new group members gets a prize! 

Dr. Dre tried this strategy, offering a $50 gift card as a reward, and Girl, Get Your Life Together tripled in size in only 5 days! Dr. Dre said she loved that it was like an open door to welcome people in, to let them see what the group was about.  

With this new energy, I told Dr. Dre she needed something to launch. In the past, she held an annual Girl, Get Your Life Together retreat, which, in March of 2020, obviously couldn’t be held in person.  

She held the retreat virtually, and accidentally created something she called “the FOMO Machine.”  

(FOMO = the fear of missing out. It’s a term created for the moment when you see your co-workers’ beach photos and think ‘man, I wish I was there.’) 

She had posted a video where she shipped boxes out filled with goodies for those attending the retreat. It didn’t even show what was inside, but people wanted it!  

Even though the registration period for the retreat had closed, she had more people clamoring to see if there was still space available. Of course, she let them in! Her regular number of 8-10 registrants had transformed into 25.  

After the success of her May 2019 membership drive, she held another in November 2021—a good time of rest in between membership drives to shoot for. Dr. Dre’s advice for someone doing a membership drive is to remember to collect email addresses, because your Facebook platform isn’t owned by you, but member emails are.  

In January, she’ll be launching a new membership for Girl, Get Your Life Together in January to provide members with bite-sized things they can incorporate throughout their busy lives to work towards their healing.

You can follow along with her journey and see what amazing things her group is doing by joining Girl, Get Your Life Together on Facebook!