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S1E2 | How to Get Your Group Noticed on Social Media

Episode Description:

Sandra discusses how to grow your group by getting noticed on social media. New group members can wake up a sleepy community, but to get people to join your group, you have to stand out from the hundreds ( or maybe thousands!) that cover your topic. Learn how to become the go-to group with these tried and true tips, and see why you should be thinking of your community as a dinner party. 

show notes

“There’s a lot of communities out there. Yours might be one of one hundred that cover the topic that you cover…but the difference is how things get covered in your group. Or the level of fun. Or the level of support. Or the level of empathy, compassion, or boundaries.”  

We’re back with the second episode of the Engaged Groups Podcast, and it’s all about getting noticed on social media!  

There’s no shortage of groups out there, and some—or many!—may cover the same topic that you do. What makes all the difference is what you bring to the table.

If your group is more fun, or offers more support, or feels more like a safe space than other groups, then you have an in.

A lot of entrepreneurs make the mistake of looking at their groups and communities like they’re assets, or they focus too much on the numbers. I want you to look at your group like it’s a dinner party.

There are certain things I would put up with in my home, but there’s a lot of things that I wouldn’t put up with. I expect everyone to treat each other with respect, to not start fights, or to start selling to other people at the dinner party. (The horror!) And if someone isn’t following these guidelines, you expect the host to step in.

But I also want my dinner party to be fun! You want these same things for your group.

It’s important for your group to stand out, because the more you get noticed, the more your group grows. New members add energy into your community, and stir up engagement in sleepy groups.

You want to focus on one major question: Why should someone join my community? What makes my group different?

  • Is your group more fun?
  • Do you have the leading edge on interesting news?
  • Is your community more compassionate?
  • Do your members know that you’ll step up to make sure your group is a safe space?

Join other groups that are similar to yours, and take notes on what you love and don’t love. See if your community can fill in the pieces they lack.

People want something new and exciting. They want to know that you’ll be there for them, and not show up to just promote. We need to be compassionate and loving to those in our communities. 

The more your group stands out, the more people will refer others to your group. People love to give referrals to things that make them look smart. (And there’s nothing wrong with that!) When your group is giving people results, they’re going to share your group with others.

That’s all for this week, thanks for tuning in! Now go and get noticed!

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