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S1E1 | How to Grow a Community that Converts

Episode Description:

In this first episode of the Engaged Groups Podcast, Sandra De Freitas talks about her background, and why she loves community-driven businesses! Learn how Sandra went from working jobs she found uninspiring to creating a community where she could use her computer science and marketing skills to help fellow entrepreneurs. And, see how community-driven businesses can increase sales leads, lower your marketing costs, gather fans who will cheer you on, and make your competitors squirm with envy!

show notes

“When you create a community, one that you love, no one else can duplicate it. They can try, but no community is going to be the same” 

Hello everyone, thank you so much for tuning in to my first episode of The Engaged Groups Podcast! I’m so excited to provide this FREE guide to help you grow, engage, and monetize your communities!

In episode one, I share my journey of how I went from working for jobs that didn’t inspire me to creating a dream business that blends my skills and passions.  

Sometimes it’s hard to see your own genius, and to recognize where your skill sets intersect. With a background in computer science and a knack for digital marketing, I started helping businesses with their communities and launches—some of which were 7 figure launches! After assisting other companies with their groups, I realized I longed for a community of my own. (Enter Engaged and Profitable Groups!)

Now I help fellow entrepreneurs with strategies to grow, engage, and monetize their groups, and have courses, groups, and other programs that share what I’ve learned in my 17 years in online business.

*Learn more about what I offer—including a free Facebook Groups 101 course!—at*

There’s so many things to love about community-driven businesses! Here’s just a few:

  • They’re the leading way to increase organic referrals. You have people coming into your group either organically or by suggestion. It’s completely low to no effort!
  • You’ll easily increase your sales leads, because the people interested in buying from you are right there within your community, connecting with you!
  • They’ll increase the lifetime value of a customer, aka the total amount a customer buys from you over their lifetime. This is gold!
  • Because you’re leading by your own values, likely everyone in that group is going to share your same values, or respect them.
  • You’ll gather fans who support and cheer you on! (And who very well may jump on your products and services!)
  • You’ll make your competitors squirm, because they can’t duplicate the community you’ve created!
  • Groups have increased retention, which equals recurring revenue. Less people leave a Facebook group or a community, because they love the community enough that it’s harder for them to leave.
  • These communities are amazing for market research! Just ask your community what they think, or let them test out your product and service ideas.
  • They decrease marketing costs. It’s free to have a Facebook group or community, and you can post any time you want!
  • They decrease customer acquisition costs. The people who are interested in what you’re selling are already there! Just go into your group, share your offer, and ask who wants in!

And that’s a wrap for episode one, thanks for tuning in! All of season one is out now, and it’s jam-packed with strategies to grow, engage, and monetize your groups, lessons from my 17 years in online business, and a special guest!