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S11E5 | create a sustainable membership

Episode Description:

Sandra shares insights on how to create a sustainable membership for the long haul.

Show notes

“You have to think about you and your business in your membership. What would be something fun that you could bring in?”

In this episode, I want to talk to you about how to sustain your membership for the long haul. 

One of the most obvious places to start is cost. When we first set up our membership, we’re excited and might want to pour everything we have into it so that people sign up. But for a sustainable membership, you really need to think about the cost you are putting into it month after month. If you don’t launch for 6 months, will your costs be covered?

I recommend starting low with just the basics of tech that you need, and then add some costs here and there as more people join your membership. When things have an expense to them, like having a guest speaker come into your community, I won’t have that every single month, I’ll include it as a bonus. That way, it isn’t a rule, it’s a bonus, and that cost isn’t required every single month. 

The next part about building a sustainable membership is content. I want you to plan your content ahead of time as much as possible. It allows you to think about deadlines, and what you’ll be creating in the future. You’ll want to work your calendar around your content. Make your content in advance and keep a list of what you create. 

We also need to talk about launches, because you want to gain and retain your members. There’s a natural drop off of about 5% each month for most memberships. I recommend doing a big launch every quarter to keep people invested in your membership. 

A big launch could be a challenge, a three-day event where you’re teaching something, or a webinar series. These events will bring in your audience and provide them with value. 

The last part about sustaining your membership is about fun! I know it sounds weird, but sometimes we need permission to have fun. When I started to add fun into my memberships, that’s when they became sustained for the long haul. 

Every year in my membership we have an implementation challenge for a full month, and my inner game show host gets to come out. Participants earn points that will be added to a prize wheel, and at the end we spin. Think about something fun you could add to your membership that would be enjoyable to you and your members!