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S11E4 | Protect your digital content

Episode Description:

Sandra shares different ways to protect your digital membership content from individuals who join your membership for a short period, download everything, and leave.

Show notes

“When you’re looking at this kind of digital product, it could feel like you’re being robbed.”

I’ve been building a brand-new membership with a community watching me each step of the way in the 50 Day Membership Experiment, and we were discussing deliverables. One big deliverable that I’ll be creating is templates for your sales page, thank you page, onboarding messages, and emails. 

I decided this deliverable was just too valuable for people to be able to come into my membership, download all these templates, and then leave. That wouldn’t feel good, especially for the members that are paying month after month. 

This led me to think of how I could release this deliverable, whether or not to drip it out by parts, or to make it earnable. And it got me thinking about people who come in one month, download everything, come back six months later, and do the same. 

One thing we’ve been able to do is through our website hosting, WordPress, with a plugin through WishList called Content Archiver. It creates tags in our activity log for our members and shows what they downloaded and visited. This can help you make decisions about how to release new content and deliverables. 

There are many different ways to protect your content from digital hoarders, and I recommend keeping this in mind and asking your platforms how they’re able to help.