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S11E3 | 50 Day Membership Experiment Community

Episode Description:

Sandra shares the responses of her 50 Day Membership Experiment Community on why they love memberships.

Show notes

“Being in a community where people speak the same language as you…they’re going to be helpful. They can cheer you on. They’ve been where you are or they hope to be where you are.”

Why should you create a membership instead of a one-off program? I asked my community that’s participating in the 50 Day Membership Experiment, and these were some of the responses. 

Many loved the community and relationship aspect of memberships, and how a membership can let members into your world. Memberships are a great way to gather like-minded individuals that will go on to support each other. Being in a group where others are working towards the same goal as you creates solidarity, and it can be a huge motivator. 

Another person said that memberships allow affordable ongoing implementation support. It also allows you to move along at your own pace, so you don’t feel that you have to constantly keep up with deadlines. 

Memberships also make laying out content by level much easier, so someone just coming into your membership can find content relevant to them, as can someone who’s on a more intermediate level who has been with you longer. 

If you’re curious about the 50 Day Membership Experiment where we’re having conversations like these, come and join us! Even if you hear this episode after the experiment is finished, the content will be put into a learning platform where you can enjoy it later.