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S11E2 | market research

Episode Description:

Sandra shares how she conducts market research in her groups and memberships.

Show notes

“It’s very important that when we’re putting together something, like a membership, that we ask our community what they want. Sometimes we think we know what they want, but what they actually want is very different.”

Today we’re discussing marketing research for your membership. Often in our membership our perspective can be different than the perspective of our members. 

As you know, I’ve been doing the 50 Day Membership Experiment, and we’ve started to talk about marketing. When people joined this experiment, I asked them what they hoped I would cover, and what they’re currently struggling with. This is a huge part of my market research. 

Once I get suggestions, I look at what I could possibly give to them that could make their lives easier. With those ideas in mind, I go into my group and put a poll in our community, and ask for feedback on how I could save them time, energy, and money. 

A big failure I’ve seen in some people’s memberships is that they don’t ask their audience, top clients, communities for feedback and opinions. (The tool I use to capture people’s responses is called Groups Collector, which you can learn more about at 

It’s so important to listen to your community, and people love it when you ask them to help you build something because it feels like they’re a stronger part of the community. 

I hope you add this key step to your market research!