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S11E1 | 50 Day Membership Experiment

Episode Description:

Sandra shares her 50 Day Membership Experiment, which gives participants 50 days of behind-the-scenes insights on building a membership, growing and engaging a community, and launching. Learn more at:

Show notes

“I never want to do business any other way than to do it in front of others.”

Great ideas can come when you least expect it. I was on vacation and happened to look on my Facebook and saw an ad for someone on how to fill your events by someone named Sarah Gray. I joined her challenge, and took advantage of her offer, which was a 60 day behind the scenes look at her business. You got 60 days of watching her fill her virtual events. 

Sarah went live every day and taught us things, and gave us real raw behind-the-scenes moments. She would let us know how she pivoted if something didn’t go well. There was no set schedule, but it was like reality business TV and I was cheering for her. I loved the experience SO much.

It got me thinking about how I could also do a behind-the-scenes thing, so people could watch me put together a membership, put together a launch, and see how I build and engage my community. So I created the 50 Day Membership Experiment. For 50 days I’m going to be planning, designing, and launching this membership, and doing a launch debrief at the end. 

I go live Monday to Friday, and created a Google Doc where I’m writing out everything that I’m doing. Everyone gets access to the Google Doc and they can add comments that I’ll answer. So far it’s been a very fun and eye-opening experience. 

If you’re interested in joining in, go to If you want to buy the membership that we’re building together, you’ll actually get a credit for whatever you paid for this experiment. What’s cool is that people are giving me tremendous feedback and ideas and cheering me on. 

I’ve given out a lot of formulas and programs to help people to grow, engage, and monetize their businesses, but this experiment helps you to navigate how to pivot when the formula doesn’t work for you. 

If you’re interested in building a membership, whether it’s your first membership or not, come and join our community!