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S10E9 | top 10 podcast episodes reviewed

Episode Description:

Sandra reviews the top 10 podcast episodes on community from 2023.

Show notes

“We started this podcast as the Engaged Groups Podcast. We now have to change that up because it’s not just groups and communities that I’m great at. I’m great at creating memberships and having membership scale, leveraging, promoting, marketing, and designing those memberships, and I’ve been doing so since 2005.” 

Welcome back to another end of the year episode! This time we’re talking about our most popular podcast episodes from 2023 that are focused on community, so let’s dive in!

Our #1 community podcast episode was Season 7 Episode 1: Community: What You Need to Know About Engagement. In this episode we talked about connecting with the members in your community through things like content, videos, and even memes and GIFs. It’s important to keep in mind your community is like a dinner party. You’re not going to just talk about what your community is about, so why not have these same conversations in your group?

In our #2 spot is Season 7 Episode 3: How to Engage Your Community in Less Than 15 Minutes A Day. I love doing things in 15-minute increments. I give 8 tips in this episode to help you to engage your group just by taking 15 minutes a day. 

Coming in at #3 is Season 7 Episode 6: Wake Up or Reignite Your Group. I talk about how you can re-energize your group after it’s gone dormant. We have two products to help you wake up that group, our Wake Up Your Dead Group Workshop, and an engagement plan workshop. Both of these are in our membership!

#4 was Season 8 Episode 6: How to Grow Your Facebook Group with Easy to Implement Strategies. Here we talk about your group’s purpose and target audience, and then look at your group profile to see how it fits the community and the types of members you’re trying to bring in. 

#5 was Season 8 Episode 5: Manage Your Group in Less Than 15 Minutes Each Day. Some people say that Facebook Groups are a time suck, and I say set a timer and do these things to manage it in less than 15 minutes a day!

Our #6 was Season 8 Episode 4: Misconceptions About Growing, Engaging, and Monetizing Your Facebook Groups. We go into 5 different misconceptions that people have about their Facebook Groups. 

#7 was Season 8 Episode 3: 5 Business Facebook Group Myths. There are 5 myths that people think about when they compare their business to a Facebook group. I discuss how Facebook groups are great for all sorts of businesses. 

#8 was Season 8 Episode 9: Challenges. I love challenges, and in this episode, I discuss how you can use challenges to grow, engage, and monetize your community. If you take my Challenge Workshop, you can learn how to create and promote your own challenge. 

#9 is Season 8 Episode 2: Engaging and Monetizing Your Group with Cycling Coach Marissa Axell. Marissa is a champion cyclist, and she teaches women over 40 how to keep cycling. Marissa has been in my membership since 2020, and she’s really engaging her group and has been doing phenomenally. This is definitely an episode you’ll want to listen to because it’s so fun!

In our last spot at #10 is Season 8 Episode 8: Engage and Wake Up Your Facebook Groups. Again, we’re talking about waking up your group, and remembering that you’re allowed to take time off. 

Thank you to everyone who listened along in 2023! The next podcast will be out in 2024, and I wish you all the best of your business in the new year.