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S10E8 | 10 most popular podcast episodes

Episode Description:

Sandra reviews the 10 most popular podcast episodes on memberships from 2023.

Show notes

“We are completing our 2 years of podcast episodes every single week for 2 years. So, thank you for listening!”

If you can believe it, we’re almost already to 2024! In this episode, I’m reviewing our top 10 podcast episodes on membership. If you’ve skipped a few episodes, or you’re coming in for the first time, this episode will be perfect for you!

Our number one podcast episode on memberships in 2023 was Season 6, Episode 11: Memberships, What You Should and Shouldn’t Add Content-Wise. I think this was a popular episode because this can be a very overwhelming spot for entrepreneurs to be in. You want to have enough content, but you don’t want to overwhelm your members with too much information. You want to make sure you’re consistently adding deliverables each month, and the episode goes into detail about how to manage when you have a lot of content. 

At our #2 spot is Season 7 Episode 8: Crafting Your Membership Offer. In this episode, I walk you through how to craft your offer with a series of steps and questions so you can begin to create the content and deliverables for your offer while keeping your membership in mind. I also give you a few bonus steps of how to repurpose content you’ve already created. 

Season 6 Episode 8: How to Take Time Off When You Have a Membership comes in at #3, and this wasn’t a surprise to me. Often people think memberships are a huge ongoing responsibility that you can never step away from, but that’s just not the case. In this episode, I give you tips on how to still earn recurring revenue and keep content coming for your members even while you’re on vacation!  

Season 6: How Do You Know You Are Ready for Membership? and Season 6 Episode 7: How to Plan Your Membership a Year in Advance are tied for our #4 slot. I discuss how one of the key ways to know if you’re ready for a membership is if your members are asking for it. I also cover how I have a full spreadsheet as a planning document that I used to plan my membership out for a year in advance so I could take advantage of as much vacation time as possible. 

#6 is Season 7 Episode 7: Recurring Revenue, 2 Trends. In this episode I talked about how popular having recurring revenue was becoming, and how earning recurring revenue through something like a membership can save you from having to constantly launch. These two recurring membership trends were fill your funnel memberships, and high-level memberships, and I went through the benefits of both. If you want to learn more about how to create these types of recurring revenue memberships, be sure to check out my Recurring Revenue Roadmap Workshops. 

Season 7 Episode 5: How to Legal Proof Your Membership was #7. Now I’m not a lawyer, so I brought on my friend Sanketha, who answered your questions about what you should set up legally before you start your membership, what to look out for when creating a membership agreement, and more!

#8 is Season 7 Episode 13: Lessons from A 7-Figure Membership Leader with Tiffany Noel Taylor. I talked with Tiffany about how she grew her membership with my help. We also talk about what she would have done differently to start her membership, so she could have earned more money than she did before she met me. 

Our 9th most popular membership episode was Season 7 Episode 9: Why Use an MRR Model to Get People into Your Paid Funnel? In this episode I talk about the fill your funnel membership, and I give details from the fill your funnel membership I did. A fill your funnel membership is all about getting people who have not worked with you before to buy from you, from getting them from free to paid. 

Coming in at #10 is Season 6 Episode 10: High Level MRR. A high level MRR is a high-priced membership with lots of access to you. There’s more coaching and customized help involved, and it’s an exclusive and intimate coaching and consulting experience for people. 

I hope to see you for our next episode where I’ll be reviewing the top 10 community podcast episodes from 2023!