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S10E7 | Special guest Lissa Boles

Episode Description:

Sandra talks with friend and fellow entrepreneur Lissa Boles and discusses how her calling transformed into a business that pairs astrology with purposeful work.

Show notes

“If you think about it, entrepreneurship, the amount of risk that we take and the way that we go out in front of everybody else and create things out of thin air, that defies logic itself. We deal with that. So, when it comes to considering ways to mitigate the risk, to help yourself navigate the unknown, I don’t see why we wouldn’t do that.” -Lissa Boles

In this episode I’m joined by my friend and client Lissa Boles, whose business centers around purposeful work and astrology. 

Lissa had a fascination with astrology at age 40, and she eventually realized it was a calling. She was nervous to take the leap, but quickly realized what value it had for others. 

Shortly after her announcement of her new business on a podcast, she was booked solid for 6 months. 

Lissa shared that she often sees problems with technology and launches during Mercury Retrograde, especially losing content that is backed up. 

After attending a live streamed event with major technical difficulties during Mercury Retrograde, Lissa realized that astrology, when practiced particularly for entrepreneurship, helped people to avoid costly mistakes due to things that have no basis in logic. When you’re an entrepreneur, there’s a lot of risk taking, and any way to mitigate the risk is welcome. 

Lissa recommends looking out for Mercury in Retrograde and the Retrograde Shadow, which occurs about two weeks before Retrograde begins. She recommends backing up everything, and making sure those backups work, and getting any issues with tech resolved before the Retrograde begins. She also advises against launching during Mercury Retrograde, unless you’ve pre-planned and expect technical difficulties. 

My When Not to Launch Calendar includes when Mercury is in Retrograde so you can be as prepared as possible. 

If you want to know when optimal times to launch are, be sure to check out Lissa’s Soul Map LIVE, a free virtual astrological forecast that reviews all major moves and opportune dates each month. See all of Lissa’s offerings at