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S10E6 | Special guest Jessica Ays

Episode Description:

Sandra talks with Jessica Ays about she went from a free community to a community driven business that creates recurring revenue.

Show notes

“That monthly and annual recurring revenue…that’s what makes it possible for me to live that dream of being creative and sharing what I know and love.” -Jessica Ays

This episode we’re joined by Jessica Ays, a client and good friend of mine who is a knitwear designer. Jessica has two memberships, a free Facebook group, and a couple of paid Facebook groups, and I wanted to bring her on to talk about recurring revenue. (Check out Jessica’s website at:

Jessica creates beautiful knitting patterns and stitch by stitch tutorials, and she used to do it all for free. Then, I recommended that she create a paid community where she could earn recurring revenue from her teaching. Today, she’s about to celebrate her 2-year membership anniversary!

Recurring revenue radically changed Jessica’s business. With her membership she’s able to provide an entirely different level of support compared to knitwear designers who share their designs for free. 

Jessica led members of her free group into workshops, and those workshops led to these members purchasing her patterns. Her lower priced membership is a pattern club, which provides discounts on patterns and workshops. This is something that came after Jessica attended my Fill Your Funnel Workshop

Her higher-level membership, her Stitch Society Membership, has consistent deliverables. Many people come in for the connection, which is fostered through monthly Zoom meetings and guest speakers from the yarn community. 

Next, Jessica will be hosting a knitting summit in February for knitters to learn tips and tricks from top teachers, and it already has a waitlist!

Be sure to check out all of Jessica’s amazing offerings at!