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S10E5 | Special guest Alicia Lozano

Episode Description:

Sandra brings on special guest Alicia Lozano to discuss the 4 core systems that every business needs, and how to start creating those systems.

Show notes

“Where do you start with systems? This is probably the top question that I get…I see 4 core system that make every single business go round. No matter what business model you have or what level you’re at, it doesn’t matter. There’s 4 things that every single business needs to make sure they’re actually operating.” – Alicia Lozano

In this episode I’m joined by special guest Alicia Lozano, a business operation and change management consultant who partners with established solopreneurs to simplify their systems. Talk about someone you need to know!

Alicia is the creator of a digital community called Workflow Studio, an operations product membership that simplifies systems implementation. Alicia has a graduate degree in organizational development and leadership, and 7 years of experience in human resources, corporate coaching, consulting, and training. 

Her Workflow Membership is filled with trainings and templates for different types of systems for solopreneurs to take advantage of. It solves the problem of wasting time, money, and energy, which you know I’m a huge advocate of. 

With Alicia’s Workflow Membership, members are able to learn exactly where to start with their systems and are able to get their questions answered. 

Alicia often gets asked where to start with systems, and she answers that there’s 4 things that every single business needs to make sure they’re actually operating. 

The first of these 4 elements is a lead generation system. This can include things like email or social media marketing, SEO, blogging, or direct outreach. 

Then, you’ll need a sales system, which kicks into gear once someone is interested in your offering. You may need a form or checkout page so that people can actually purchase what you’re selling. 

Next, you’ll need client experience systems, which includes client onboarding, client project management, and an offboarding system. 

The 4th core system is your client advocacy, which means putting intention into how you’re turning your clients into advocates after they leave your business. 

It’s important to put the most time and energy into the core system or systems that are the most relevant to your business, which will also likely determine where you’ll make the most money as well. 

Alicia discussed how important it is to have a robust onboarding system to establish new members and to help them to feel welcome. Otherwise, it’s like walking into a dinner party where everyone turns to stare at you…awkward. 

You’ll also want to provide new members with a quick win with a proven process to solidify trust. Throughout the membership you want to continue to cultivate this trust. 

Be sure to check out Alicia’ amazing Workforce Membership at: