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S10E2 | Special Guest: Anjannette Bess

Episode Description:

Sandra talks with life coach Anjannette Bess about stepping out of your comfort zone, working through your excuses, prioritizing your work, and more!

Show notes

“Stepping out of your comfort zone is so huge for so many reasons. It helps you to strengthen your growth mindset. You start to see and really believe that you can build your skills. You can build your abilities. You can always do better.” – Anjannette Bess

In this episode, I got to talk with Anjannette, who is the coach you want in your corner when you need to get out of your own way. Anjannette works with professional women with the goal of getting them to use their true talents to live up to their full potential without holding themselves back. 

Anjannette reminded us that Q4, the end of the year, is the perfect time to take an inventory of what worked and what didn’t work for you this year, and what you want more of and what you want less of. 

In my twenties, I made a lot of excuses to get out of doing things I wanted to work on. I asked Anjannette what she would recommend when it comes to getting people to recognize when they’re in their own way, and to stop believing in their own excuses. 

Anjannette recommends paying attention to what’s not getting done, and then to take a good look at the excuses of why it’s not happening. A lot of the time, these excuses are tied to fear, and we’re trying to avoid the discomfort. 

Another important thing to do is to listen to those around you, because oftentimes the problem is in your head. 

Anjannette mentioned that for women, particularly mothers, if you haven’t set your priorities out for the day, we constantly reprioritize. And often the things that we want to do get pushed to the end of the day, when we’ve run out of time. So it’s important to have those plans written out, and to tell ourselves what’s important, and what you want to get done. 

Learn more about Anjannette at The Change Artist, and check out her private podcast she’s releasing!