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S10E11 | Starting a business plan for the new year

Episode Description:

Sandra talks about starting to plan for your business in the new year to set yourself up for success.

Show notes

“I really want you to look at your plan. You know me, I love plans. And I used to hate them…but it actually gives me more freedom and joy in my life.” 

It’s a new year, and today I want to talk about how to get ready for it! 

To kick off the year, I recommend going to your website and seeing what needs to be changed or updated. Does your footer need to be changed for the new year? Are your sign up forms and thank you pages working properly? Are your pages tagged correctly? 

Sometimes it’s good to look at your online presence and act like you’re a potential client. What are you clicking on? What are you not clicking on? What links aren’t working? Sometimes you can even search your business with ‘2023’ to make sure that date isn’t listed on any of your pages anymore. 

The next thing for 2024 is to keep building your audience. Where are people finding you? What needs to be added or removed from your list? What isn’t working as well as you thought? Where should you focus more attention right now? 

I would also take a look at your plan. When are you going to be launching this year? What will you be promoting? Plans are great, and if you’re looking for some support with planning, I really recommend my When Not to Launch Planner Calendar for 2024. It helps you to make informed decisions about when to launch, and gives you a heads up about upcoming events or holidays that could impact your business. 

I also recommend timing how long it takes you to complete tasks and projects so you can be realistic about your time. And make sure to schedule some time to play and have fun! You can form some of your best ideas while relaxing. 

This year I really want you to go in there and thrive, so let’s get to it!