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with Sandra De Freitas

Free Facebook Group – Evergreen

Our group is filled with entrepreneurs who want more recurring revenue, want to launch without burnout and who want to create supportive, safe and FUN engaging communities where their members buy from them over and over again. In this group Sandra will be teaching her strategies as well as answering questions via challenges, FB Lives, videos, games and more!

You get three gifts when you join Sandra’s Free Group

Sandra’s Complete Tech Stack

This is my tech stack of all the tech I use in my business from what I use to power up my membership and courses, to what I use to go live in my groups and collect powerful information from new group members.

How to Engage your Free Members

You want your free members to not only engage with you, but engage with each other and create their own posts within your group. You want them to connect and be part of the community. I’ll show you how.


How to Engage your Paid Members

Do you have a membership, a course, a workshop or another paid offer where you include a community? I’ll show you how to engage your paid members for a better community and higher retention!