Engaged groups Podcast

Join community and launch expert Sandra De Freitas as she delves into the key ways to grow, engage and monetize your free and paid communities, while having fun, connecting with your people and filling your online offers such as courses, membership sites, workshops and masterminds!

Learn from her 17 years of experience online both out in front and behind the scenes of 6 and 7-figure businesses. Learn how to grow, engage and monetize your own community with ethics and integrity.

If the growth, activity and profits from your Facebook ™ group, online forum, Slack ™ community etc. are not at the levels you need and want them to be, come along for the adventure!

Season Three

S3E2 | When your group members feel seen…

When your group members feel seen, your engagement flourishes and people don’t want to leave your community! Sandra discusses multiple easy ways to acknowledge your group members, support them, and even get them engaged in a friendly competition.

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Season Two

Season One

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