Join community and launch expert Sandra De Freitas as she delves into the key ways to grow, engage and monetize your free and paid communities, while having fun, connecting with your people and filling your online offers such as courses, membership sites, workshops and masterminds!

Learn from her 17 years of experience online both out in front and behind the scenes of 6 and 7-figure businesses. Learn how to grow, engage and monetize your own community with ethics and integrity.

If the growth, activity and profits from your Facebook ™ group, online forum, Slack ™ community etc. are not at the levels you need and want them to be, come along for the adventure!

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Season Eleven

S11E13 | Tips for Promoting the Value of Your Membership

In this episode, we talk about how membership owners can effectively communicate the value of their services by helping their members save time, money, energy, and mental effort. We’ll chat about practical examples and strategies to enhance membership appeal by reducing costs and offering expert access. Let’s harness these tips to promote YOUR membership.

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Season Ten

Season Nine

S9E12 | Worried about starting a membership

For those worried about starting a membership because of constraints on time, money, or consistency, Sandra outlines why having a membership isn’t as difficult as you think, and shares some of the key benefits of starting a membership.

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S9E10 | stuck in a creative rut?

What do you do when you’re stuck in a creative rut when making content for your membership? Learn how to revitalize old or preexisting content to generate new ideas and products.

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Season Eight

S8E4 | Sandra debunks common myths

Sandra debunks common myths and misconceptions about growing, engaging, and monetizing your Facebook groups, and explains why just monetizing your group shouldn’t be your ultimate goal.

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Season Seven

S7E13 | Special Guest Tiffany Noel Taylor

In this episode Sandra is joined by guest Tiffany Noel Taylor, and they discuss Tiffany’s experience of re-launching recurring revenue, and the value of having a mentor so you don’t waste time or money.

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Season Six

Season Five

S5E14 | Sandra talks with Richard Ralston

Sandra talks with Richard Ralston about progress and accountability pods, and how they can increase your member retention, create a tight-knit community, and help your members implement your content to reach their goals!

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S5E11 | importance of doing a self-audit

If you took the perspective of a new member of your community, would you buy from yourself? Sandra talks about the importance of doing a self-audit to make sure you’re being perceived how you want to be.

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S5E5 | Challenge launches

Challenge launches are a great way to grow and engage your group and generate excitement about your offer. In this episode, Sandra shares how you can run your own challenge launch.

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Season Four

S4E10 | Marilyn Alauria

Sandra talks with Marilyn Alauria, a friend and psychic medium, about the importance of authenticity, finding your people, and the difference a steady recurring revenue can make.

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S4E6 | Lynette Kosar

Sandra talks with Lynette Kosar about how she grew her group by over 900 members in three months! Learn more about Lynette and her mosaic crochet patterns by joining her group Lavender Cup Cottage.

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S4E4 | membership Q&A Part 2

It’s part two of the membership Q&A, and Sandra discusses how to get started with a membership, what to put in your membership, and how to decide on pricing.

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S4E3 | membership Q&A Part 1

How can you grow your membership, or stay inspired when no one comes to your Live sessions? In this episode, Sandra answers listener questions about memberships.

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Season Three

S3E8 | Rewarding Members

Sandra discusses ways to reward your members to encourage engagement and to inspire your other group members to contribute to the conversation!

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S3E7 | Engage with Implementation Challenges

Implementation challenges help your audience to apply what they’ve learned from you, all while increasing engagement, having fun, and getting results. In this episode, Sandra shares how to run an implementation course for both your membership and your courses.

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S3E5 | Engaging with an AMA

Sandra talks about how a quick AMA (ask me anything) post can create engagement and value in your group, and shares how this strategy has even helped her to make sales.

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S3E4 | Special Episode

In this special episode, Sandra outlines the benefits of having a community-driven business and shares three key tips for maintaining an engaged and profitable group.

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Season Two

S2E11 | Creating Your Successful Challenge – Pt.2

Sandra talks about her past challenges, and what worked and what didn’t work for her. Learn more about having two aspects to your challenge, creating goals for yourself, making an offer at the end of the week, and knowing what to promise your challenge participants.

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S2E10 | Creating Your Successful Challenge – Pt.1

Sandra talks about her past challenges, and what worked and what didn’t work for her. Learn more about having two aspects to your challenge, creating goals for yourself, making an offer at the end of the week, and knowing what to promise your challenge participants.

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S2E5 | Membership drives

Membership drives are an effective—and fun!—way to grow your group, and to bring your community together for a common goal. In this episode, Sandra dives into the ins and outs of creating a successful member drive.

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S2E4 | How to Use Your Network to Grow Your Group

Learn how to bring an expert from your network into your group to engage your audience and grow your community…all without having to create your own content! Sandra explains how to find the perfect guest speaker, and why this sort of collaboration is so simple and effective!

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Season One

S1E5 | The Number One Thing That Leads to Sales

Sandra talks about the number one thing you should be doing to increase sales in your group…engaging! Learn why marketing attempts tend to fall flat in sleepy groups, how to get conversations going, and how to get your audience to know, like, and trust you!

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S1E4 | Special Guest Dr. Dre Cleveland

Sandra is joined in the studio by Dr. Dre Cleveland, a life coach and creator of Girl, Get Your Life Together, a platform for Black women to work on healing, self-love, and manifesting their desires. Dr. Cleveland shares her experience using a member drive to triple the size of her group, explains how she created a “FOMO Machine,” and shares lessons she’s learned along the way!

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S1E3 | How to Get Your First 100 Members

Inviting friends and relatives to your group to increase your numbers can sound tempting, but it hurts your engagement in the long run! In this episode, Sandra dives into what happens on the other side when you click the “invite to group” button, and gives methods for seriously boosting your group membership that have worked for her clients! So listen in, and maybe hold off on inviting Aunt Martha for now.

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S1E2 | How to Get Your Group Noticed on Social Media

Sandra discusses how to grow your group by getting noticed on social media. New group members can wake up a sleepy community, but to get people to join your group, you have to stand out from the hundreds ( or maybe thousands!) that cover your topic. Learn how to become the go-to group with these tried and true tips, and see why you should be thinking of your community as a dinner party.

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S1E1 | How to Grow a Community that Converts

In this first episode of the Engaged Groups Podcast, Sandra De Freitas talks about her background, and why she loves community-driven businesses! Learn how Sandra went from working jobs she found uninspiring to creating a community where she could use her computer science and marketing skills to help fellow entrepreneurs. And, see how community driven businesses can increase sales leads, lower your marketing costs, gather fans who will cheer you on, and make your competitors squirm with envy!

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