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Get the Exact Blueprint

 …for structuring your membership offer that will get your clients a complete transformation, save you time, and keep your members coming back for more!

No more agonizing over decisions like:

Which membership model is right for your market

How to price your membership programs

Choosing what deliverables to include

Which technology to use to host your membership

How to create great content without sacrificing more time

How to style your membership as a part of your offer suite

Creating a membership program:

Helps position you as the go-to expert in your field

Creates a dependable recurring revenue stream

Makes upselling and affiliate marketing smooth & easy


You’re ready to add an additional revenue stream to your business.

You’ve been thinking about creating a membership program for a while…


You’re not sure how to structure it…so you haven’t been able to take action on your idea… and, as a result, you’re leaving money on the table! 

So, what if I could teach you how to structure and style your membership program so you can finally cash in on your big idea!?

That’s exactly why I created this program.

Inside Structure ÄND Style, I’ll teach you:

How to create & price a membership site that sells

How to create content in a way that saves you time, but, still serves your members

The 5 membership models and how to determine which one is best for you

How to set it all up with minimal tech investment

How to choose deliverables that will keep your members engaged and coming back for more

So, here’s the deal… we’re navigating an entirely new landscape in the online marketplace today.

Everything has changed and it’s going to take a completely different approach to create and sell a new offer.

You need a great strategy… but you also need structure and style!!

And that’s where I come in!

I will show you exactly how to do it!


I’m a Business Coach who has been an online entrepreneur since 2005.

I specialize in launches—and in using groups to build your audience, grow your audience, and get its members engaged, warmed up, and ready to buy during your next launch!

I’ve become well-known for the way I manage groups. I’ve always been great with technology. I earned my degree in Computer Science and studied with CTI, to gain my Co-Active Professional Coach Training certificate. My clients call me a unicorn because of my mix of marketing, tech and coaching. They also call me the “Launch Mom”.

Next year I’ll celebrate 18 years in business, in the Internet marketing world. I wrote the book on using the web to grow your profits (it’s called “Does This Blogsite Make My Wallet Look Fat?”). I’ve earned more than 10 digital marketing certifications from Digital Marketer, and I’ve spoken on many big stages, and even emcee’d a number of live events.

I have been designing, building, leading and consulting on membership sites since 2005!  

I coached the The Membership Experience’s (TME) membership site course for 2 years and was the Head Coach for their high-end coaching program for a year.   

During that time, I did launch consulting, online technology consulting, created launch debriefs, created membership site tours, ran hot-seat coaching, and held 303 one-on-one coaching calls (in 10 months).

I was also the Community Manager for six of their Facebook groups (one had more than 16,000 members when I left!). I was a natural. The groups I managed thrived. They boasted high engagement, lots of sales, and great cultures. Often, I found myself answering questions about tech, strategy, communities, launches and memberships. This all came so naturally to me that I didn’t realize it was actually a specialty!

When I left TME to focus on my own business once again, lots of people were curious about the work I’d pursue. A surprising number of people—frustrated, overwhelmed entrepreneurs who couldn’t quite get their free and paid communities to take off like mine had—asked me for my support!  

I have a passion for helping other exhausted, overwhelmed business owners to turn their groups into powerful business- and profit-growing tools.

You may also want to know that I am empathetic and have zero tolerance for pushy and arrogant marketing tactics. 

So, let’s do this!!

Are you ready to create your own membership!?

In Structure ÄND Style, I’ll help you:

Break down the barriers stopping you from building your membership site

Destroy misconceptions and avoid common pitfalls

Structure your deliverables so they don’t overwhelm you, your members or your team

Price & launch your membership so it SELLS

What’s included

The Fundamentals – Nuts & Bolts, Step by Step Process of Creating a Membership


The 6 keys of a Successful Membership Site


Creating Content That Rocks & Keeps Members Coming Back


The Most Important and Effective Content Strategies


Creating Ideal Membership and Pricing Strategies



Over 80+ content ideas to help you choose the right deliverables for your members.

Simple Tech Stack Recommendations to help you keep it easy and uncomplicated

Easy to implement Membership Roadmap to ensure
that every detail in structuring your membership site
is covered


By buying this product you will help us support ElderDog. ElderDog is a 100% volunteer run charitable organization dedicated to ageing people, ageing dogs, and the important connection they enjoy. Volunteers walk dogs and take dogs to their appointments for seniors who are unable to. A portion of our profits will be going to ElderDog so that more seniors can keep their companions at home with them.

I have been volunteering with ElderDog since the Spring. When my dog Zaira passed away last March, I wanted to be able to help those in need keep their companions, because taking a pet away from them would cause them great sadness and grief, the same sadness and grief we all have when we lose a beloved furry family member.

My Promise To You…

After completing this course, you’ll know exactly how to structure and style your membership program so you can:


Start earning consistent recurring revenue


Help your members experience the transformation they’re looking for


Be seen as the go-to expert of your industry

Are you in???

Still have questions? No problem.


Q: Does this mini course only cover low cost memberships?

A: No, we will cover low cost and high cost memberships like masterminds as well.

Q: I want to start a membership but I don’t know where to start?

A: You’re in the perfect place. This mini course will get you started on the right foot and will help you avoid making common mistakes that many membership owners make that cost them time, energy and a lot of banging their heads on their keyboards.

Q: I have a membership but I feel like I need to maximize it, will this help?

A: If you feel like your membership site didn’t get off on the right foot, that you are not happy or your members are not happy, then this program can help you course correct and renovate your membership structure.

Q: Does this program include any coaching?

A: This is a self study program. 

If you did want to have Sandra coach you or look over your work please email her team for 1-on-1 coaching options or join her Community Driven Business Accelerator Program

Q: Is the course self-study or live?

A: The course is a self-study course.

With all the lessons nice and short, under 10 minutes (other than one), you’ll be able to move through quickly. There’s no fluff and I get right to the point. 

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: Due to the nature of digital content no refunds will be made available. 

Q: Still have questions?

A: Our support team can help.

Email them at or msg Sandra on Facebook:

Are you ready?

to create your own membership and start earning dependable recurring revenue?

I’ll see you on the inside!

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