Sandra De Freitas presents

The 3 Behind-the-Scenes Strategies to a Successful Group

If you’re tired of hearing nothing but crickets in your group, and you want insider secrets for turning things around, this is for you!

Finally: Discover Proven Strategies for Starting and Growing an Engaged, Fun Online Group of Warm, Interested Buyers—and Learn Why NOW Is THE Time to Do It.

You CAN profit from your group, even if you can’t hear its pulse right now. I’ll show you how.

Register now to attend “The 3 Behind-the-Scenes Strategies to a Successful Group,” on Tuesday, October 8 at 11am EST, and discover a new perspective on groups—and how to use this perspective to make your group an asset for your business!

Specifically, you can expect to discover:

Why your group hasn’t grown or engaged like you wish it would 

… and how to wake it up, so the members become a true community as they communicate with—and buy from—you!  

The Number One way to get your group members to engage

… so you can reap the benefits of higher engagement: more visibility, more profit, and a bigger impact.

How to make money from your group in a non-sleazeball way

… so you can enjoy the higher profits while people benefit from your work!

And much much more!

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Sandra De Freitas is a business coach specializing in launches and using groups to build your audience, grow your group, and get them engaged and warmed up for your next launch. With a background in tech coaching and consulting, she’s also THE expert in managing engaged, profitable groups. Sandra is the founder of Engaged Groups the membership.