Q&A Session.

Time: 2:35
Q1:  Can you give us another example of a scavenger hunt (I know you mentioned a health-related scavenger hunt)? Some different examples maybe.

Time: 6:08
Q2: To do a scavenger hunt, in the lead up to a launch, does the theme matter?

Time: 9:48
Q3: When I did a scavenger hunt for Tribe when I was on the team, I went through every single picture and noted every single winner. The top 2 people had cheaters in it… they were two photos taken from the internet. I found them and disqualified them… How do you deal with cheaters? Do you just allow photos from google images?

Time: 15:10
Q4: Can you do a mix of finding things and activities in a scavenger hunt?

Time: 20:20
Q5: In your training, you said that one of the times you might want to do a scavenger hunt is before or after a launch… can you please clarify why we might like to do this after a launch?

Time: 22:34
Q6: So, you would do this post-launch scavenger hunt in your paid Facebook group?

Time: 32:30
Q7: What is the most interesting scavenger hunt, referring to either theme or strategy? How do people use this in a way that we may not be thinking of?