07: Q&A Session Copy

Q&A – December 5th 2019


No questions were asked. 

Q&A – December 12th 2019


Time: 2:37
Q1: We’re closing our diamond membership on Dec 21st, and then I’m going to go into a 3-month sprint with the people that are in it. We are opening the course again in the spring for new people to take it… are there any highlights to hit with cart-closure for a membership?

Time: 7:35
Q2: Can you tell me if there is a way to direct message all of the members of my group at once? I’ve been using @myfearfreelifegroup in certain posts but I don’t know if that just sends a notification to everyone and if it even works. I’d like to find a way to check in with every member to invite them to engage in the next activity if they’ve fallen behind our lost momentum.

Time: 9:36
Q3: What activity will there be in this group going forward after we’ve finished your work with us? You’ve delivered the class modules and engagement opportunities, implementation weeks and more! Just wondering what to expect from this group in the future and what I can learn from that.

Time: 11:33
Q4: How would you gauge the engagement of this particular group compared to numbers of people who actually bought your program? Would you consider the engagement of the group strong? Did you convert your students to group participants in strong numbers? To what do attribute the type of engagement you have or haven’t received in this group considering that the people who are probably in it are building their own businesses? I’m interested in your assessment. I know I’ve enjoyed the experience.

Time: 15:12
Q5: Follow-up question from that, for the group that has 22 in it, when you start the next course, will it meld or are you going to make another FB group for the course?

Time: 21:45
Q6: So it should be me personally, rather than my page, posting into my FB group (to increase engagement)?

Time: 22:44
Q7: I have a question about the summits, I was confused about whether I’m doing the summit directly to the FB group (uploading video) or am I doing it in summit software and somehow streaming to the FB group?

Time: 24:47
Q8: I’m still having trouble getting people engaged, I don’t know if it’s because of the art element of it. I was regularly posting the engagement posts that you provided… I did a poll and got about 5 people. There are times that it’s more active and then it’s just dead.

Time: 26:10
Q9: Do I do a challenge now (right before Christmas) or wait until after Christmas? I have a lot of challenges that I could do in the group, but I don’t know if people would be too distracted by Christmas…

Time: 28:48
Q10: Do you think I should keep going with the posts? I’ve been holding back on engagement posts for now…

Time: 31:47
Q11: The bonus that you’ve been talking about (Scavenger Hunt) is that going to be posted in the group?

Time: 32:57
Q12: Question about timing for FB posts, is there a best time (to post)? I don’t recall that being a part of the course…

Time: 37:22
Q13: How do you recommend that people make the use of your monthly membership? How many posts are you providing monthly?

Time: 44:05
Q14: If we’re doing a couple of different launch strategies and a cart closure, we should just be posting around that (as opposed to engagement posts) right?

Time: 44:44
Q15: What time is the thing next Wednesday (FB Group review)?


Q&A + FB Group Review – December 18th 2019


Final Q&A – December 19th 2019


No questions were asked.