06: Q&A Session Copy

Q&A – NOVEMBER 21st 2019

Time: 1:35
Q1: I’ve had increased engagement in my free community and not a lot of increased membership yet but I do have 17 members waiting to be allowed into the group, it looks like the majority of them have been recommended to join the group from 2 existing members within the group. If they approve the request from their friend, what happens?


Time: 3:17
Q2: Do they see the questions when they are invited into the group by a friend?


Time: 12:07
Q3: {Directed towards Chris D.} What did you do to get 100+ members into your free group during your launch?


Time: 14:25
Q4: I’m going live every Friday inside my group (starting tomorrow) and I have events for those (for every Friday I can make) set up in my group and I have a lead up including: a newsletter on Saturday, a polling post on Monday and the FB live on Friday. That’s going to be every week for about 15 weeks because I’m walking through a book review. So that’s the one that you talk about where you do your event and your questions inside your group to increase engagement. Is the zoom link going to be only available to those within my free group and that is how I’m going to get the group to grow?


Time: 17:17
Q5: For the challenge, they should sign up by email to join the challenge but you run all of the posts etc within the group? You send them the content via email and within the group? So to grow your group… you could either do a challenge and/or you could do an event inside the group and get people to join the group to be able to be a part of the event?


Time: 19:20
Q6: We’re going to start a challenge and it’s going to be for 4 days (to work around holidays)… After that, I’m going to run a workshop which is a 5-week workshop that starts in February and I’m not sure when to start hitting that hard. But I thought, if I did this mini 4-day challenge and then (I have a live event shortly after) at the live event I would use the momentum to share that I have the workshop coming up in February. The challenge is about implementing a healthy habit for 4 days and we get them to post a picture of them doing the healthy habit and then note how you feel… how would I measure that and assign points, etc in order to be able to give them a prize?


Time: 22:13
Q7: I have two free preview call dates set in January, one in the day and one in the evening to launch ‘reclaim your life’. Can you walk me through the best way to leverage those to meet my larger goals?


Time: 24:00
Q8: Is it worth paying the extra to get the next level for zoom in order to do webinars/go live in my group via zoom?


Time: 29:43
Q9: How do I use these preview calls to grow my group?


Time: 30:26
Q10:  How many times would you post about the upcoming calls in your group?


Time: 32:20
Q11: How many times would you email your list before/after the calls?


Time: 34:54
Q12:  Prior to starting your course, we had a social media plan sort of buffering everything everywhere. Are you utilising other social media platforms and how are you integrating that into this program and your workload?


Time: 39:06
Q13: Why should I not just share a video that I have uploaded to YouTube into my Facebook page?


Time: 41:33
Q14:  I’m doing this challenge in my paid group and I’m about to start a challenge in my free group (but much smaller) but what they’re asking for is a DIY gift-making workshop… I haven’t got my mind around it yet. Would I give them recipes and send out a supply list? If I do a recipe for a sugar scrub for example, will everyone want to make it? Or am I just overthinking it?


Time: 43:00
Q15:  For the major challenge, my main purpose there is to get them consuming content in the membership and they’re very excited about it but I’m stuck on the prizes. I was thinking of making the top prize a year of membership but then I was thinking I lose the income for that year and it would be harder to get them to signup for the next year of membership… do you have any suggestions?


Time: 45:00
Q16:  How would I structure the wording for a specific prize (selected by me) something like “surprise package from Chris”? And do I need to tell them what it’s worth? Would I do this for all three prizes or just the top prize?


Time: 47:14
Q17: {Directed towards Chris D.} What do you record your DIY videos on?


Time: 49:00
Q18:  Do you have a recommendation for an online course platform?


Time: 56:00
Q19:  How do you get people to sign-up to your challenge or advent calendar (if you decide to use one)?


Time: 56:45
Q20:  How do you deliver the advent calendar?


Time: 58:14
Q21:  How do you grab a specific post link (from your FB group)?


Time: 1:00:53
Q22: So my group is about a month old. I’m still working on basic engagement and communication. Learning how much to post and when. I have implemented several of your engagement ideas already, but I am wondering about the roll out of a lot of these. Like seeding for launches, events, and content… I would like to get a sense from you about how, over time, you see a brand-new group developing in terms of what I might do and offer and when. Should my free group have a time limit on it like 12 weeks etc and then offer a paid one? Does the free group go on forever as a way for people to connect with me and find the paid things over time?


Time: 1:04:27
Q23: What’s the difference between a Q and A vs a Hot Seat?


Time: 1:05:30
Q24: How do you request that feedback {regarding content}? Should it be a phone call, email, specific questions?


Time: 1:06:24
Q25: Who does your transcripts for the course?

Q&A – NOVEMBER 27th 2019

Time: 0:44
Q1: We’re going to plan a webinar launch, the course starts Feb 5th and we just realised we better get this going. What are your top tips on a webinar launch?


Time: 5:05
Q2: What’s your basic answer for people not wanting to buy because they don’t have the money?


Time: 8:00
Q3: In Module 6, you went through multiple types of launches. How do you plan out your year regarding these launches?


Time: 12:20
Q4: When your monthly people decide to stop buying or the annual members decide not to move forward, do you specifically promote to those people or do you just hope they’ll see your next membership launch?


Time: 19:28
Q5: Which type of challenge would you use for the launch that we have coming up regarding starting a new healthy habit. Would you use the mini challenge or the month-long challenge?


Time: 21:30
Q6: We’re noticing success with the challenge but we were planning to do a webinar launch… can we use integrate both of those to launch our upcoming workshop?


Time: 23:55
Q7: We have a sales page ready for this workshop because, in my experience, it takes forever to get people to buy, if I open and close the cart in 4-7 days I don’t feel like I would have had the time to properly promote the product. Should we take the landing page down and then open it up only when we open cart, then take it down when we close cart?


Time: 29:30
Q8: I have a Christmas challenge that my free group asked for and I also have a challenge for my membership. They wanted a DIY gift challenge…. Not everyone is going to want to make every gift… how I structure the shopping list that I would make to go along with the challenge?


Time: 32:20
Q9: I wasn’t sure whether to offer prizes and I was thinking to get something really small and only give it to people who show up on my FB lives. What are your thoughts here?


Time: 38:06
Q10:  Did you sign up for ‘ClickScribe’ (you mentioned this in the last Q&A) and what is your strategy in using this?


Time: 45:20
Q11: What were your calls to action? {ClickScribe}


Time: 45:48
Q12:  What is your overall goal for using this? {ClickScribe}


Time: 46:55
Q13:  How much is too much? We’re building to a 4-day challenge, we’ve got a live event after that and a workshop launch and a coffee catch-up… but how much is too much?


Time: 49:33
Q14:  I’m concerned about when our FB group is going to feel burnt out by all the posts associated with these launches. How much is too much in that sense?


Time: 54:53
Q15:  I’m afraid their really not consuming or seeing everything that we are putting out there; short of creating an announcement for each one the resources, the content we provide is just getting lost. How can we ensure they see the majority of the content we provide?


Time: 1:01:30
Q16:  I have a membership already running… very poorly attended, its brand new; I should have done the beta version with the founders options. We have around 10 people paying and we have about 20 people who I grandfathered in who have the year for free because they were founding members. Should I close the membership and reopen on a specific date?


Time: 1:04:48
Q17: {Follow up to Q16} I would offset that with the workshops, 3 workshops that run 3 times a year, so when would I open memberships? Right in the middle of those staggered workshops?


Time: 1:07:38
Q18:  So you may offer members going into your upcoming course something special (other than a discount)?


Time: 1:08:36
Q19:  I was thinking I could bring people into the membership because they would be paying so much less for the course… I need to find a way to bring people into the free and paid groups by running a course, how do I get them to stick with me preferably paid but also free after the course has finished?


Time: 1:10:30
Q20:  Do you really see your membership do that staggered step and see it climb every time you open and close the membership?


Time: 1:15:49
Q21:  Do you use InfusionSoft? I had to get rid of InfusionSoft it was way too expensive, but I miss it. What are you using for email campaigns?