04: Q&A Session Copy

Live Q&A – Nov 7, 2019


Time: 9:02
Q1: How could I use this (implementation week) in my paid group – my membership, because everybody takes different Master Classes at different times. They get a Master Class every month. So how would I use this with the whole group when everybody is doing something different?


Time: 15:44
Q2: Is this for us to implement in our groups or for us to win a prize from Sandra?


Time: 18:54
Q3: So you’ve written those 10 posts (engagement posts) for me, I’ve got them in my group and people are responding… I’ve scheduled them for 2 a week. How often should I be giving them more content related posts?


Time: 23:02
Q4: I haven’t had you write my posts yet.. and I was wondering, because my group is super small…. Should I wait to have you do it until we have grown a little bit or will the posts help it grow?


Time: 26:00
Q5: Can I do a webinar using just the zoom chat or do I have to do the zoom webinar?


Time: 26:58
Q6: Do you recommend for my launch that I do the zoom webinar? I’m not sure that many people will show up live.


Time: 28:25
Q7: Given that there is only so much time to go around… digging into all the modules, checklists, etc… How much time should I be focusing on my paid vs. free groups, given that there is only a finite amount of time to go around?


Time: 37:37
Q8: What do you mean when you say it (referring to a particular pricing option on Zoom) allows you to do Facebook lives on Zoom?


Time: 43:05
Q9: If I have a preview call and I did it on zoom and load it to YouTube. I can go into my Facebook group, I can click on watch party and I can share it from YouTube and watch it with my group? Or does it have to be a Facebook video?


Time: 45:05
Q10:  Waitlists are not something I’ve ever implemented. How are you using Waitlists and why do you use them?


Time: 47:20
Q11: So I guess my membership is more like one of those online Yoga memberships where we are just constantly adding videos and people are being enticed into membership. They are paying monthly but they are constantly getting new content. Is that a different model than what you are doing?


Time: 49:30
Q12:  How long does your membership run and is it all on Facebook or is some of it on your webpage?


Time: 50:33
Q13: I’m still having trouble figuring out why you would limit your membership if they’re all paying members?