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Give me just 3 days and I’ll show you exactly how to create effective, high-powered, growth, launch, and retention plans that will fill your membership, and keep your members coming back for more, month after month!!

There’s A LOT that goes into creating and launching a membership program that sells well and retains members… And if you’ve never done this before, (or even if you have) let’s face it… it can feel pretty overwhelming!

But it doesn’t have to be!

This Dynamic, Exciting, Info-Packed, 3-Day LIVE Virtual Event is specifically created to help YOU Fill Your Membership and lock in recurring revenue!!

sound familiar?

You are struggling to grow your membership site audience and retain members?

You find yourself launching to the same people over and over again, with limited success?

You feel exhausted from trying to fill your memberships without a clear strategy in place?

Then you’re not alone. Many membership site owners face difficulties when it comes to membership growth and retention. But fear not! There are solutions available that can help you overcome these obstacles and achieve the success you desire.

Yes! The essential solutions for sustainable recurring revenue in your business is filling your membership AND keeping it FULL!!

But there are 3 specific steps you need to take to get there… And that’s exactly what I’m going to teach you during this 3-Day LIVE Event!!

So, here’s the plan: 


June 5th

10 AM – 5 PM Eastern

To have a successful launch you need to expand your audience first and again in between launches!!

On Day 1, I’ll share with you my proven methods to grow your audience and greatly expand your reach.

You’ll walk away well-equipped for your next launch and prepared to fill and continuously refill your evergreen funnel!

A Completed Plan for
Audience Growth!


June 6th

10 AM – 5 PM Eastern with
6 – 7 PM Laser Coaching

Now that you have expanded your audience we need to plan your next launch

On Day 2, we’ll cover what’s working now including multiple launch strategies, evergreen funnels, the keys for a successful launch, and how to use AI to enhance your launches seamlessly without compromising your ethics and authenticity.


A Strategic Plan for Your
Next Launch!


June 7th

10 AM – 5 PM Eastern

Now that you have brought in new members, you’ll need a plan to keep them coming back month after month, year after year.

Retention is the biggest game changer for your business and recurring revenue. On our last day together, we will go through multiple ways to retain members and ensure they feel satisfied and supported.


A Playbook of Ideas and Strategies for Keeping Your Membership FULL!

Meet your host

HEY! I’M SANDRA and I’m here to share my journey with you.

I’ve been creating, developing, and consulting on memberships since 2005! (That’s not a typo and yes, I was just 8 years old when I started  haha!)

I’ve been coaching and mentoring clients on how to build, market, and grow their memberships for just about 20 YEARS!!

My clients call me a unicorn because of my specialized mix of marketing, tech & coaching.

They also call me the “Launch Mom”, because I’m the go-to person when you don’t know what to do…I’m the one who makes sure you have a plan, work the plan, and stick to the plan!

I’ve coached the TME membership site course 3x over the course of 2 years and I was the Head Coach for The Membership Experience’s high-end Coaching program for a year.

I was also the Community Manager for six of their groups.

And before TME, I also founded my own digital agency where we built, designed, launched, marketed, and consulted on memberships specifically from 2005 to 2021.

I’ve been a leader in this industry for a LONG TIME!


Creating a detailed launch plan

Tweaking your launch plan to fit your business needs

Launching like a PRO

What to say in emails and FB Lives

How to increase sales in your launch

What to do after your launch to increase sales

Launch debriefs – what worked what didn’t, what to do next time

Tech (my degree is in Computer Science)

Member’s user experience

Member Retention

Community Building

Growth & Scaling




You name it, I’ve probably coached on building a membership for it!

I have a serious passion for helping other exhausted, overwhelmed business owners to turn their groups into powerful business-and-profit-growing tools.

I keep my finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the online business world… I know what’s trending, what’s fading, and how and when to pivot to stay in the game and keep GROWING!!

And now I’m ready to share it all with you!!

So, don’t waste another minute thinking it over… Just fill in that form below and sign up now so we can dive into 3 days together!

Who is this event for?

New Membership Site Owners

If you’re just starting out with your membership site and want to learn how to grow your audience and launch successfully, Fill Your Membership Event is perfect for you.

Struggling Membership Site Owners

Are you facing difficulties in growing your audience and retaining members? This event will provide you with actionable strategies to overcome these challenges and achieve long-term membership growth.

Experienced Membership Site Owners

Even if you have been running a successful membership site for some time, Fill Your Membership Event can help you take your business to the next level by providing fresh launch ideas and effective retention strategies.

Entrepreneurs Transitioning to a Membership Model

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to transition from a one-off product model to a recurring revenue model, this event will guide you through the process of launching and growing a successful membership site.

Online Course Creators

Are you currently offering online courses but want to explore the benefits of a membership site? Fill Your Membership Event will show you how to leverage your existing content and audience to create a thriving membership community.

Coaches and Consultants

As a coach or consultant, offering a membership site can be a great way to provide ongoing support and value to your clients. Join Fill Your Membership Event to learn how to effectively launch and maintain a membership site in your niche.

Let’s recap

This LIVE Event is perfect for you if…

✅You are a membership site host/owner.

✅You want to increase the size of your membership.

✅You want to know how to grow your audience so that you aren’t launching to the same people every time.

✅You want fresh ideas for launches and you want to know what’s working now.

✅You know retention is key to your recurring revenue and you want to keep members for years to come.

✅You want to know how to fill your membership without exhausting yourself and while keeping your values in check.

    This event is NOT for you if:

    ❌You have no dreams of having a membership.

    ❌You hate recurring revenue, I mean, who needs money coming in every single month? Foreseeable income is boring.

    ❌You want to learn how to do this by painstakingly piecing free content together and taking the risk that it might not work in the end, but that it might be worth the 50+ hours you spent on this “collage” of “mights”.

    ❌Your retention strategy is not engaging with your members because you don’t want to remind them that they are a member as this would encourage them to cancel their membership!


      best decision I ever made

      “Hiring Sandra to help me with two of my membership launches and to grow my group, was the best decision I ever made.” (Both launches brought in 5 figures of recurring revenue for Marilyn.)
      Marilyn Alauria |
      Psychic Medium, Teacher & Coach

      What you can expect:

      Get ready to take your membership site to new heights with the exciting features of the Fill Your Membership Event. Let’s dive into what this virtual event has in store for you:

      Expert-led Sessions

      Gain valuable insights and strategies from industry experts who have successfully grown their own membership sites. These sessions cover a range of topics, including audience expansion, launch tactics, and member retention, giving you actionable steps to implement immediately.

      You’ll get expert guidance and knowledge to overcome challenges in growing your audience, launching successfully, and retaining members.

      Fillable Workbook

      Receive a fillable workbook that accompanies the event, allowing you to actively engage with the content and apply the strategies directly to your membership site. This comprehensive resource will help you organize your thoughts, track progress, and develop personalized plans tailored to your specific goals.

      This fillable workbook will enable you to effectively plan and execute audience growth initiatives, successful launches, and targeted member retention strategies.

      Actionable Steps for Implementation

      Take away practical action steps at each stage of the event that are designed to be easily implemented into your membership site. From optimizing your marketing for increased conversions to creating compelling content that resonates with your target audience, these actionable steps will guide you towards measurable results.

      We will provide you with clear, step-by-step instructions on how to implement effective strategies for audience growth, launch success, and member retention.

      Plans for Audience Growth

      Discover proven methods for expanding your audience and attracting new members to you. Learn how to leverage social media platforms, collaborate with influencers, and utilize other marketing techniques to reach a wider audience and increase your membership size.

      By implementing the audience growth plans provided in this event, you will effectively expand your reach, attract new members, and ultimately increase your membership size.

      Launch Strategies

      Overcome the challenge of launching to the same people by exploring fresh and innovative launch ideas. Discover strategies for creating buzz, generating excitement, and engaging your existing audience while also attracting new prospects during your membership site launch.

      You’ll be equipped with creative launch strategies that will help you captivate you audience, generate interest, and successfully launch your membership site to a wider audience.

      Retention Plans

      Learn effective retention strategies to keep your members engaged, satisfied, and committed to your membership site in the long term. From personalized member experiences to exclusive content offerings to implementation strategies to gamification, these plans will help you create a sense of value and community that encourages member loyalty.

      By implementing the retention plans provided in this event, you can enhance member satisfaction, reduce churn rates, and build a loyal community of recurring revenue.

      With these incredible strategies at your disposal, the Fill Your Membership Event is your ultimate resource for overcoming challenges, achieving growth, and maintaining success in your membership site journey. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your membership site to the next level!

      Afterglow event

      Once you leave the event and start working on your plans you may have new questions you want to get answers to.  Join us a week after the event where Sandra will answer your questions.

      Whew! One more time? 

       Sure , let’s review again what you get!

      ✅ My 20 years of membership experience as I’ll be teaching the majority of the sessions.

      ✅ You’ll hear from carefully selected expert leaders.  

      ✅ Laser Coaching session the evening of June 6th.

      ✅ A fillable workbook that will become your playbook for filling your membership.

      ✅ You’ll have actionable steps to take, so you actually implement and get results.

      ✅ You’ll leave with 3 plans: growing your audience, your next launch and a plan for retaining your members!

      ✅ A group call 1 week after the event to answer questions and teach some hot button topics!

        And guess what!? There’s more!

        Purchase an ALL ACCESS PASS for just $199 $99 and get:

        Priority Registration

        Get ahead of the crowd and secure your spot at the Fill your Membership Event with priority registration. You’ll test the tech with our support team and be all set to go for Day 1.

        Private Meet & Greet with Sandra De Freitas

        Imagine having exclusive one-on-one time with Sandra De Freitas, the expert in membership site growth. In this meet & greet group session, Sandra will walk you through some warm up exercises to get you ready for Day 1 of the event. Network with other attendees who just like you are growing their memberships.

        Private Q&A Session

        Take advantage of an intimate Q&A session where you can dive deeper into any topic related to membership expansion, successful launches, or member retention. This is your chance to get direct answers from Sandra De Freitas and learn from her wealth of experience in the industry. You’ll have the opportunity to ask personalized questions, gain valuable insights, and receive tailored advice to help you overcome your specific challenges.

        Access to Event Recordings

        Can’t make it to every session? No worries! With access to event recordings (provided 60 days after the event), you can revisit any sessions you missed or rewatch your favorite ones at your convenience. This ensures that you won’t miss a single valuable nugget of information shared during the Fill your Membership Event.

        Join us at the Fill your Membership Event and take advantage of these incredible bonuses to supercharge your membership site growth, launch successfully, retain members, and achieve long-term success. Don’t wait – secure your spot today!


        highly recommended

        “As an expert in her field, Sandra has provided invaluable insights and guidance, helping us navigate the complexities of building a membership platform. Her strategic advice and innovative ideas have been critical to supporting our team. We highly recommend Sandra to anyone looking to create a membership community. With Sandra on your team, you are guaranteed a partner who is not only skilled but genuinely invested in your success!” Aiko Bethea

        Unlock the Power of Membership Growth at an Unbeatable Price!

        At Fill Your Membership you will FINALLY be able to:

        Grow your audience and prime them for your next launch

        Create a solid plan for a successful launch

        Develop a strategy that will retain your members for the long term.

        Start growing, launching, and retaining like never before! Grab your spot now and unlock the secrets to membership success. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to level up your membership site. Join us today!

        Grab your Ticket for only $49!

        Upgrade to the ALL ACCESS PASS for just $199 $99

        Still not sure? Ok, cool…

        Let’s take a look at what others are saying:


        “Sandra’s support and insight were invaluable on this journey. I truly don’t think I could have figured out how to do this without her (at least not in a way that I felt confident about). Her strategic questions helped me understand the value I’m bringing to my audience and how to materialize that through content and structure.

        Working with Sandra made creating my dream membership a reality! Having someone guide me step by step and hold my hand through the process makes me so incredibly confident about the product I’m putting out there.

        Seriously, do it! If you’re interested in launching a membership and don’t know where to start – or even if you know where to start but you want to make sure what you build is stellar – Sandra’s your lady.”

        Kelsey Ale 

        membership fairy godmother!

        “After purchasing Sandra’s INCREDIBLE mini-course, I knew that I needed her 18+ years of experience in launching membership communities and courses by my side as I built and launched my first online membership. I reached out and told her I needed a “Membership Fairy Godmother” and that’s EXACTLY what I got. Knowing Sandra was just a Voxer Chirp away made my Founder’s Launch stress-free, strategic, and joy-filled.  I can’t wait to move into my next launch with her by my (virtual) side”.

        Chrysta Wilson | DEI Coach and Consultant, Creator of the DEI Dinner Party, a membership-based learning community and coaching program for leaders who are building diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.


        Still have questions? Don’t worry, I have answers!

        Q: How can the Fill Your Membership Event help me expand my audience?

        A: Day 1 is all about expanding your audience and growing your community. We will cover growing your email list, lead magnets, YouTube, Podcasting, paid leads, tiny offers and more! 

        By the end of Day 1 you will create your own growth plan!

        Q: What strategies will be provided to ensure successful launches?

        A: On Day 2, we will cover using AI in your launches, the keys to a hot launch, Challenge Launches, Beta Experiments Launches and we will create your own launch plan.

        Q: Will the event address the challenge of launching to the same people repeatedly?

        A: Yes! When we continuously launch without expanding our communities, growing our lists or adding people to our networks our launch numbers get smaller and smaller. Our results begin to diminish. We will cover how to increase your audience, your communities and your lists so you are launching and introducing your membership to new people all the time.

        Q: Can I expect fresh and innovative launch ideas from the event?

        A: Yes. I love tech and I am known for my “future thinking” so of course I added this to the event content. The AI portion of the event alone will excite and inspire you into action!

        Q: How will the Fill Your Membership Event assist me in overcoming retention challenges?

        A:On Day 3 we will be covering the best retention strategies such as gamification, bonuses, onboarding, accountability and implementation strategies! It’s going to be a fun day!

        By the end of Day 3 you will have your retention plan all set and ready to implement so you can keep more members month after month, year after year and they will want to stay because of the results they are getting!

        Q: Will there be opportunities to learn from successful membership site owners during the event?

        A: Yes! Our speakers and our Success Panel will be filled with successful membership site owners!

        Q: What kind of ongoing support or resources will be available after attending the event?

        A: We will be holding an afterglow event a week after the event. In this event we will talk about what you have been up to since the event, answer your questions and more.

        We will discuss ways on how to work with us during the event.

        Q: Is this event virtual or in person?

        A: The event is virtual. Feel free to attend in your pajamas or dog walking clothes. We won’t judge you!

        Q: What is the schedule?

        A: Wednesday June 5 – 10-5 eastern

        Thursday June 6 – 10-5 eastern, Laser Coaching 6-7pm

        Friday June 7 – 10-5 eastern

        Q: Is this event entirely LIVE or will there be recordings

        A: The event recordings are available for ALL ACCESS Pass holders. The recordings will be made available 60 days after the event so you can review any session you want!

        Q: When is the next time you’ll host this event?

        A: There are no plans to host this event in the near future. Now’s the time to attend it.

        Q: Why a 3 day virtual event?

        A: I have attended 3 of these types of events in the last 6 months and I found it extremely valuable to book the time off my calendar so I can focus on my business. I took notes, made plans, added tasks to my daily calendar and implemented them. Doing so has made a big difference in my business and it all started with attending a 3 day event.

        Q: What’s the difference between the regular ticket and the All Access Pass?

        A: With an All Access Pass, you get to attend the full live event, but you ALSO get extra perks like private meet & greet and Q&A Sessions with Sandra herself, plus access to the recordings for 60 days so you can watch, or re-watch the event at your convenience. 

        Q: What can I expect upon purchasing my ticket?

        A: Upon registering, you’ll be automatically added to our event portal and you’ll receive an email with the links and details to log in and locate everything you need to participate, such as the calendar, Zoom links, and link to the private Facebook Group.

        Q: What if I have a specific question you haven’t covered here?

        A: No worries! Just shoot us an email at help@engagedgroups.com and someone from my team will be in touch soon!

        Sound good? Excellent!

        event speakers

        Kristen Robinson

        Kristen Robinson

        Lead Generation Specialist

        TALK TITLE: Rapid Email List Growth: How I Added Over 1,000 People to My Email List Hosting An Online Giveaway

        If you’re curious about online giveaways, this session is for you! During our time together, I’ll dive deep into: 1. What is an online giveaway and how they grow your email list so fast. 2. How to get on online giveaways when you have a small email list (Some of them have list size requirements! Yikes!) 3. My secret to getting clients from online giveaways while it’s going on and not after (only my clients know this secret and now you will too!) By the end of our time together, you’ll know the ultimate secret of how to use online giveaways to grow your email list FAST! 

        Faith Mariah

        Faith Mariah

        Marketing super nerd and business mindset magician

        TALK TITLE: Membership Momentum: Turbocharge Your Growth with Social Media

        Hey there! Ready to turbocharge your membership growth using social media? In this workshop, we’ll dive into the secrets of creating free ads that promote your awesome freebies. Learn how to build your email list and turn those leads into loyal members. Get ready to chat about crafting killer content, engaging your audience, and turning followers into fans. Let’s make social media work for you.

        Angela Jordan

        Angela Jordan

        podcast marketing expert

        TALK TITLE: Using A Podcast To Grow And Nurture Your Audience

        In this talk, I will talk about the power of audio and why it is not just a fad, but a great way to build your brand and most importantly connect with your audience. We will cover:
        1. Why podcasting is so powerful for building an audience
        2. Where to begin creating your podcast (positioning/ content) / How to carve out your podcast niche and position yourself in a powerful way.
        3. How to be intentional about using your podcast to build an audience and how to integrate this into your marketing systems.
        You will leave this talk with a clear understanding of why podcasting is a powerful tool in your business and how to set yours up to build your audience. growth and unexpected triumphs and I can’t wait to share my story with you.

        Ita Udo-Ema

        Ita Udo-Ema

        Commercial Filmmaker and VIdeo Strategist

        TALK TITLE: Engage and Expand: Video Content Tips

        Join Ita for an insightful session on leveraging video content to expand your audience and enhance engagement. Discover key strategies for creating compelling videos that captivate viewers and drive traffic. Learn the secrets to crafting a strong hook and the importance of engaging content over fancy equipment. Additionally, explore innovative ways to repurpose your video content for maximum impact across multiple platforms. This session is designed to provide actionable tips and inspiration for both beginners and experienced video creators.

        Sarah Temte & Justin DeMers

        Sarah Temte & Justin DeMers


        TALK TITLE: Instant Low-Ticket Offers: how to turn a resource that’s already inside your membership into a digital product that brings in new members on autopilot

        Justin and Sarah will share:
        — how they used a single 60-minute training to sell out their $200/month membership
        — why they NEVER recommend creating low-ticket offers from scratch
        — how they design front-end offers to reduce churn (before someone even becomes a member)
        — the #1 mistake people make when turning a membership resource into a standalone product
        — the best low-ticket offer format for different niches (i.e., templates vs. workshops)
        — 3 simple ways to turn low-ticket buyers into long-term members

        Menekşe Stewart

        Menekşe Stewart

        Award-Winning AI & Marketing Specialist, and Creator of Marketing Magic

        TALK TITLE: The 20 Minute Funnel Build

        In this talk we will coveer,

        – Speedy Funnel Creation: Learn how to build a high-converting sales funnel in just 20-30 minutes. Yes, you heard that right: half an hour is all it takes!
        – Using AI to Create Funnel Assets that Sound Like You: Discover how to leverage AI tools to automate and optimise your marketing tasks, freeing up your time for what really matters – growing your business.
        – Live Demo: Watch a live demonstration of AI in action, creating a sales funnel from scratch, including customer research, sales page, checkout page, bump copy, upsell page, post-purchase email, and traffic assets.

        Jessica Ays

        Jessica Ays

        Knitwear Designer, Educator & Membership Leader

        TALK TITLE: From Introvert to Summit Success: My Journey of Growth

        Since meeting Sandra, I’ve been transformed from an introverted knitwear designer who was terrified of going live in my group to the proud owner of my very own membership. Recently, I even hosted a summit with over 6,900 attendees! You’ll discover how hosting an online summit nearly doubled my email list, growing it by more than 4,500 new subscribers! Imagine that… but that’s not all—it also brought nearly 200 members into my membership. It’s been an incredible journey, filled with growth and unexpected triumphs and I can’t wait to share my story with you.

        Márcia Barbosa Aguiar

        Márcia Barbosa Aguiar

        Online Student Success and Retention Specialist

        TALK TITLE: LevelUp: Increase Students’ Success and Retention through Gamification

        As online education continues to evolve, digital entrepreneurs are constantly seeking ways to enhance student engagement, motivation, and ultimately, success. Membership owners are no exception. Gamification has emerged as a powerful tool in achieving these goals. By tapping into the intrinsic motivation and enjoyment inherent in games, educators can create dynamic learning experiences that captivate students, help them take action, and get the results they’re looking for. After the presentation, attendees will leave with a comprehensive understanding of how gamification can be leveraged to enhance student success and retention, along with some practical strategies for implementing gamified elements in their memberships.

        Anjannette Figueroa Bess

        Anjannette Figueroa Bess

        Expansion Coach

        TALK TITLE: Why You Must Get Comfortable With The Uncomfortable

        In this talk you will learn why entrepreneurs are especially vulnerable to self-sabotage (I’ll give you a hint…as humans, we don’t like to be uncomfortable) and the most common ways we do it. You will also learn about the different zones we must pass through on our journey to progress and growth and how we can plan our movement between them to put us on the best path to success.

        And you’ll get a copy of my personal Working Through The Zones worksheet to help you immediately start moving through uncomfortable behavior. You’ll be on your way to a much bigger comfort zone in no time!

        I can’t wait to see you there and help you FILL YOUR MEMBERSHIP!!

        And, if you still have questions we didn’t answer on this page, just reach out to us at help@engagedgroups.com and we’ll be elated to answer them!

        Catch ya at the event!

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