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Take the membership community of your dreams to new heights with Sandra De Freitas in this Membership for Memberships.

Hey, friend.
I see you.

You want to have a membership that is filled with excited and engaged members

But, you also need to be sure that it runs smoothly and is ultimately PROFITABLE!

And there are a lot of moving pieces involved which only adds to your doubt, confusion, and overwhelm…AM I RIGHT?

Ok, soooo FULL STOP! I’ve seen & heard your concerns and I’ve created the perfect solution! Let me introduce you to…

As a member of Engaged & Profitable Memberships, you’ll gain direct access to my TWO DECADES of experience supporting entrepreneurs in designing, building, launching, and selling their own memberships!


highly recommended

“As an expert in her field, Sandra has provided invaluable insights and guidance, helping us navigate the complexities of building a membership platform. Her strategic advice and innovative ideas have been critical to supporting our team. We highly recommend Sandra to anyone looking to create a membership community. With Sandra on your team, you are guaranteed a partner who is not only skilled but genuinely invested in your success!” Aiko Bethea

the six sides of success

I designed this membership to help you create and assemble, step by step, the 6 sides of a successful membership. Here’s a breakdown of what’s included in each of the six sides:

This step is all about the essentials, designing & creating your membership from the ground up! We’ll cover content creation, tech stacks, and member transformations. 

The growth phase! In this step, I’ll guide you through all the nitty-gritty details of the pre-launch, launch, and post-launch! I know this step may typically stop you in your tracks! But, trust me, this is my JAM and I’m here to walk you through it every step of the way!

This is all about member onboarding & retention. Now that we’ve built and launched your fabulous new membership, it’s time to perfect the onboarding process and build a member retention strategy that will make your membership profitable for the long run!

In this step, we’ll dive into the world of SOPs, team building, and support to set you up for success and help you manage your membership seamlessly! 

Let the fun begin! This is the “engaged” part of Engaged & Profitable! In this step, I’ll teach you how to have fun with your membership and build a real sense of community via engagement, gamification strategies, and member-to-member support so your members will keep coming back for more! 

During this step, we’ll take a pause to assess & analyze the data so we can create a plan to scale your membership up to the next level! We’ll look at what your members really want and need and work together to strategize even more ways to improve and refine your membership so that it practically sells itself and leaves your members raving about YOU!!

Whew!! That’s A LOT!! So, are you in???

Still not sure? Ok, cool…

Let’s take a look at what others are saying:

membership fairy godmother!

“After purchasing Sandra’s INCREDIBLE mini-course, I knew that I needed her 18+ years of experience in launching membership communities and courses by my side as I built and launched my first online membership. I reached out and told her I needed a “Membership Fairy Godmother” and that’s EXACTLY what I got. Knowing Sandra was just a Voxer Chirp away made my Founder’s Launch stress-free, strategic, and joy-filled.  I can’t wait to move into my next launch with her by my (virtual) side”.

Chrysta Wilson | DEI Coach and Consultant, Creator of the DEI Dinner Party, a membership-based learning community and coaching program for leaders who are building diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.


“Sandra’s support and insight were invaluable on this journey. I truly don’t think I could have figured out how to do this without her (at least not in a way that I felt confident about). Her strategic questions helped me understand the value I’m bringing to my audience and how to materialize that through content and structure.

Working with Sandra made creating my dream membership a reality! Having someone guide me step by step and hold my hand through the process makes me so incredibly confident about the product I’m putting out there.

Seriously, do it! If you’re interested in launching a membership and don’t know where to start – or even if you know where to start but you want to make sure what you build is stellar – Sandra’s your lady.”

Kelsey Ale 

What about you?

Are you ready to make your dream membership a reality??

you have options!

You can choose between EPM LITE and EPM PLUS.

With the Engaged & Profitable Membership LITE, you’ll receive access to all the resources you need to take full advantage of all 6 sides of membership success including:

Step-by-step process & Planning Guides | Detailed guides designed to take the guesswork out of your membership cultivation process, so you’ll know exactly what to do, when to do it, and how to do it! Designed to help you plan content, position your membership in your offer suite, and keep it running like a well-oiled machine!

Membership Resources | Valuable tools, hacks, and other resources that have been ingeniously engineered by Sandra using her 20 years of experience with memberships, launches, and communities. These include industry-specific items such as spreadsheets, checklists, templates, calculators, and more – all designed to help propel your membership forward!

Quarterly Challenges Ready to buckle down, get things done, and implement all you’ve learned? Sandra will give you manageable, bite-sized tasks, that are simple to implement but sure to move the needle on your business. Running challenges is her love language, after all!


Bonus: Resource lists This is an elite list of hand-picked team members Sandra recommends who are equipped to help you with your membership needs!  Plus, you’ll get access to Sandra’s top tech recommendations to help keep your membership running smoothly!

but wait…

When you choose to upgrade to Engaged and Profitable Memberships PLUS, you’ll get access to all the amazing benefits listed above, PLUS:

Email & Sales Copy Templates | Specially crafted by an award-winning sales copywriter to help save you time and increase your conversion rates….almost effortlessly!

Private invitations to PACE (Planning, Accountability,  Coworking, and Expansion) Sessions | These are expert-led monthly sessions that have been uniquely engineered to provide you with an extra level of support as you work to implement the changes and additions to your membership strategy, so you get more done, in less time, and achieve your goals…on time! No more excuses!

Special Quarterly Challenges and Chances to Win Prizes | Not only do you get to participate in the challenges but at the Plus level you’ll get the chance to win prizes

BONUS: A Premium Private Community for PLUS Members only | Access to a premium, private community of other entrepreneurs who are curating their memberships alongside you to cheer each other on and offer further support.

BONUS: Future Experiment tickets | Get a ticket to behind the scenes experiments like my “50 Day Membership Experiment”

BONUS: Discounts on 1:1 Coaching hours | From time to time I’ll offer special discounts on my coaching hours for those times you know you need more support.


Purchase the Annual Plan and score access to this exclusive BONUS! A personalized audit of your choice from Sandra herself! This audit will provide you with expert tips to help you easily leap any hurdle you’re facing when it comes to your membership!

Choose one of the following:

Audit your membership plan
Audit your membership

Audit your launch plan

Each audit includes a video review and a time to book a 20-minute call to go through the audit.

You’ll also get to book a “catch-up” call with Sandra 90 days later to optimize the implementation of Sandra’s feedback.

    With the EPM PLUS, you’ll receive the incredible benefit of my 20 years of experience and expertise with Memberships, Communities, and Launches to support you as you gain momentum with your membership!

    to recap…

    You can choose between EPM LITE and EPM PLUS

    best decision I ever made

    “Hiring Sandra to help me with two of my membership launches and to grow my group, was the best decision I ever made.” (Both launches brought in 5 figures of recurring revenue for Marilyn.)
    Marilyn Alauria |
    Psychic Medium, Teacher & Coach


    Imagine being able to bring in 4-5 figures every month in consistent recurring revenue via your membership

    But also being able to rest easy knowing that your members are fully supported, receiving exactly what they need from you, to experience the transformation only YOU can provide to them!

    Talk about peace of mind.

    And it’s absolutely possible for you! Let me show you how!

    But you’ll have to hurry!! This is no time for sitting on the fence, friend! 

    Enrollment for Engaged & Profitable Memberships closes abruptly on Saturday, June 15th at 8:00 PM Eastern!! Enroll Now & Get Instant Access to some incredible bonuses!!








    Still not sure? Ok, Got it! Let’s address those concerns, shall we?


    Is it for me?

    Q: I don’t have a membership, can I still join?

    A: You could join, we won’t stop you but we would love for you to use the content, ideas, and strategies taught in the memberships. We hope you join us and we get to witness your membership launch real-time.

    Q: I have a membership but it’s small. Will this membership help me grow it?

    A: Yes absolutely. You’ve launched your membership at least once which means you have data that can be used to help you grow your membership, along with the resources in the membership.

    Q: How much time should I put aside for this membership?

    A: The amount of time you put aside to go through the content and implement is up to each individual. We suggest you come into the membership on a weekly basis, consume the new content, and implement it. This could be anywhere between 10 minutes to 1 hour on average.

    Q: When will the doors open again?

    A: We don’t have exact dates as to when we will open the membership again. However, when we do open the doors again the price of Engaged and Profitable Memberships will increase.

    Q: How is this different from her other membership, Engaged Groups?

    A: The Engaged Groups membership is focused on growing and engaging free and paid communities, with a focus on Facebook Groups. It offers engaging posts each month, a Q&A, and one monthly training per month. It does not provide a focus on memberships or launches.


    Q: Can I pay with PayPal or Stripe?

    A: Yes, both are available on the checkout page below.

    Q: Do you offer other payment plans?

    A: At this time, we offer 3 payment plans: monthly, quarterly and annual.

    Q: What are the payment options?

    A: EPM LITE is $35/month or $350/year 

    EPM  PLUS is $75/month or $750/year (annual members will gain terrific bonuses)

    Q: My Payment is being declined but I know I have the money in the account, what should I do?

    A: I am so sorry you are having trouble making your payment. It could be that your bank needs your approval on the payment. Please let them know that the payment is coming from Canada and from “De Freitas Consulting Inc”.

    Q: Can I buy the membership for a team member?

    A: Yes, you can definitely do that. We allow one login and one person in the Facebook group (PLUS membership only) per registration.

    Q: Can I add my business partner/spouse/team to the Facebook group?

    A: The registration for the membership includes one representative in the group. 


    Q: Will there be a community available?

    A: EPM+ will include a Facebook Group community for connecting, networking, communicating, and for Sandra to answer your questions. EPM LITE does not include a community.

    Q: Will Sandra answer my questions?

    A: Sandra will be active in the Facebook Group community and will be answering your questions. Please note the Facebook Group community is included in EPM+ but not EPM LITE.

    Access To Sandra

    Q: Can I hire Sandra directly to work with me on my Membership?

    A: Sandra does have few coaching and consulting slots available. Please reach out to our team for more information. help@engagedgroups.com

    Q: Will I be able to ask Sandra questions directly?

    A: Sandra will be active and answering questions in the EPM PLUS Faceook community. 

    Q: I have a question that was not answered here. How can I ask it?

    A: You can ask our support team. Reach out to them at help@engagedgroups.com

    Q: How can I ask Sandra questions about me joining the membership?

    A: Go ahead and email us at help@engagedgroups.com or use the question prompt button at the right-hand corner. You can also contact Sandra here: http://m.me/sandradefreitas

    Don’t forget!!

    The cart closes to enrollment at 11:59 PM Eastern on Thursday, March 28th!!

    BUT, Hold on a sec…

    Who the heck am I and why should you trust ME to guide you on this journey!? 

    Good question!! Let’s talk about that…


    I’ve been creating, developing, and consulting on memberships since 2005! (That’s not a typo and yes I was just 8 years old when I started 😉 haha!) 

    I’ve been coaching and mentoring clients on how to build, market, and grow their memberships for just about 20 YEARS!!

    My clients call me a unicorn because of my specialized mix of marketing, tech & coaching.

    They also call me the “Launch Mom”, because I’m the go-to person when you don’t know what to do…I’m the one who makes sure you have a plan, work the plan, and stick to the plan! 

    I’ve coached the TME membership site course 3x over the course of 2 years and I was the Head Coach for The Membership Experience’s high-end Coaching program for a year.

    I was also the Community Manager for six of their groups (one had more than 16,000 members when I left!).

    And before TME, I also founded my own digital agency where we built, designed, launched, marketed, and consulted on memberships specifically from 2005 to 2021. 

    I’ve been a leader in this industry for a LONG TIME! 


    • Creating a detailed launch plan
    • Tweaking your launch plan to fit your business needs
    • Launching like a PRO
    • What to say in emails and FB Lives
    • How to increase sales in your launch
    • What to do after your launch to increase sales
    • Launch debriefs – what worked what didn’t, what to do next time
    • Tech (my degree is in Computer Science)
    • Member’s user experience
    • Member Retention
    • Community Building
    • Growth & Scaling
    • Gamification
    • Implementation
    • Accountability

    You name it, I’ve probably coached on building a membership for it! 

    I have a serious passion for helping other exhausted, overwhelmed business owners to turn their groups into powerful business-and-profit-growing tools. 

    I keep my finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the online business world… I know what’s trending, what’s fading, and how and when to pivot to stay in the game and keep GROWING!! 

    And now I’m ready to share it all with you!! 

    So, don’t waste another minute thinking it over… Just click on that beautiful button below and sign up now so we can dive right into Engaged & Profitable Memberships together! 

    Yesss!! I can’t wait to help you build the Engaged & Profitable Membership of your dreams!!

    LET’S DO IT!!
    I’ll see ya on the inside!

    Enrollment for Engaged & Profitable Memberships closes abruptly on Saturday, June 15th at 8:00 PM Eastern!! Enroll Now & Get Instant Access to some incredible bonuses!!









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