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(crickets, anyone?!)

» If you’re a service-based entrepreneur who’s tired of trying to get your group engaged, and you want to end the frustration and start having FUN (and making profits!), this is for you …

» Finally: Discover Exactly What You Need to Know to Transform Your Group into an Engaged Community of Buyers—Without Wasting Any More Time, Money, or Energy!

You CAN use your group to build a financially successful business while you change the world. I can show you how. 

From Sandra De Freitas

Dear Entrepreneur

If you’re reading this, then you know groups can be a powerful tool for growing your business. They have the potential to be more powerful than business pages, because they’re meant for interaction—for two-way conversations. 

But you also know what it’s like when you’ve poured tons of time and energy into a group and it’s all met with … crickets. 

You’ve tried challenges and giveaways, memes and inspirational quotes, and even cat pictures! You’ve wracked your brain to figure out what will appeal to your ideal members, but still … crickets.  

The engagement in your group falls very short of what you want it to be. And therefore, the members of your group aren’t waiting anxiously for your next launch. They’re not buying. 

The whole point of spending all this time and energy and brainpower on your group was to earn money. But instead, you’re overwhelmed, uncertain of what to do next, and tired

So frustrating, right? 

Take a deep breath. Help is here!

You are right to invest your time and energy into a group. 

First of all, because of their interactive nature, the ability you have to control their culture and security, groups are definitely the way to use social media to develop a group of ready-to-buy fans. They’re the perfect place to build relationships with people and get feedback about what they need next. 

Plus, the social media giants are actively promoting and adding new features to groups, and giving them more screen time in people’s feeds (as opposed to posts from regular business pages).  

And (yes, this gets better and better!), when your paid groups run well, members get more out of your work! They begin to tell their friends, and you attract more and more members/customers while changing the world. 

Groups can be downright amazing for building your business and increasing your profit.


Simply throwing time and energy into the group—without the right strategies, methods, and proper use of the technology available—will continue to be a black hole for your business, and for your precious time and energy!  

The good news is that when you do have those strategies, methods, and the knowledge of how to use the technology effectively—to increase engagement, warming members up to buy—groups ARE a fantastic, effective way to increase your profits.

Even better, you can have FUN doing it!

And I can show you how.

Before I explain more…

 I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself, so you know how I’m qualified to teach you this stuff AND why I want to!

I’m Sandra De Freitas…

a Business Coach specializing in launches—and in using groups to build your audience, grow your group, and get its members engaged, warmed up, and ready to buy during your next launch!

Although I have no visions of being a celebrity, I’ve become well-known for the way I manage groups. I’ve always been great with technology. I earned my degree in Computer Science, and later became a Business Coach. 

This year, I am celebrating 15 years in business, in the Internet marketing world. I wrote the book on using the web to grow your profits (it’s called “Does This Blogsite Make My Wallet Look Fat?”). I’ve earned more than 10 digital marketing certifications from Digital Marketer, and I’ve spoken on many big stages, including TRIBE live, and even speaking and emceeing for Andrea Lee’s and Alicia Forest’s events. 

In 2016 Stu McLaren asked me to help him and his team launch TRIBE, his signature course on membership sites and how to generate recurring revenue in your business. We were just about to send out our first launch email when I approached Stu about creating a Facebook Group for the purpose of the launch. We opened that group the same day and I was tasked with managing, engaging and nurturing that group and so I did that and more.

The day before enrolment closed for TRIBE, Stu asked if I would stay on the team for a while longer to do what I did with the Free Facebook Group for the paid members inside TRIBE.

I created, organized, managed, nurtured and connected with everyone in that paid group like a champion! That group became like family to me,…family I wanted to hang out with (ha ha). I kept members up to date, I answered their membership site questions, I answered their technical questions, I helped them with their launches and so on.

This community became so connected that it wasn’t long before they asked for a coaching program and a live event where they could all meet in person.

Stu asked if I would stay on for another year and would I be the Head Coach for TRIBE’s high-end TRIBE + program for a year, alongside him.

During that time, I did launch consulting, online technology consulting, created launch debriefs, membership site tours, ran hot-seat coaching, and held more than 300 one-on-one coaching calls.

I was the Community Manager for all six of their Facebook groups (one had more than 16,000 members when I left!). I was a natural. The groups I managed thrived. They boasted high engagement, lots of sales, and great cultures.

This all came so naturally to me that I didn’t realize it was actually a specialty!

When I left TRIBE to focus on my own business once again, lots of people were curious about the work I’d pursue. A surprising number of people—frustrated, overwhelmed community managers who couldn’t quite get their groups to take off like mine had—asked me to create a certification program for community managers. 

But my passion was teaching business owners (like you!). 

So I put out a rough course outline in one of my own groups, and so many people wanted it!

I’m not telling you this so you’ll think I’m amazing …

I’m telling you this because I want you to know I have a passion for helping other exhausted, overwhelmed business owners to turn their groups into powerful business- and profit-growing tools.  

And that’s why I’m so excited about my new course! 

Grow, Engage, and Profit from Your Community…

Even If You Don’t Know Where to Start, Have Given Up, or Are Struggling to Manage a Huge, Messy Group 

A 10-week course designed to give you exactly what you need to use Facebook groups to create a community that fuels your thriving business. When you complete this course, you’ll know exactly how to set up and manage your group for maximum engagement, and ultimately, profitability (yes, even if your existing group is comatose—we can wake it up!). 

“Sandra’s Engaged and Profitable Groups is an absolute MUST!”

“I’d been wanting to grow my Facebook Group and engage with the members in more meaningful and fun ways, but with all the other things that require my attention in my business, I just didn’t have the time to spend figuring it all out. Enter Sandra’s fabulous Engaged and Profitable Groups course, which walks you though each and every step in creating, marketing and engaging your own successful Facebook group. All I had to do was learn one step at a time, implement it, and then move on to the next step. Within just a few weeks, my engagement went from crickets to actual valuable conversations!

The best part was once I had the pieces in place and got into a rhythm, continuing to grow the group and engage with the members became super simple, and that has led to new members in my paid membership and more sales of my courses – all from just turning up the volume on my Facebook group. If you’re using Facebook, and FB Groups specifically, to grow your business, Sandra’s Engaged and Profitable Groups is an absolute MUST.”

Alicia Forest

Intuitive Business Coach & Lifestyle Designer

The Engaged and Profitable Groups Framework

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll discover when you enroll in Engaged and Profitable Groups:

module one

Getting Going

This is where we lay the foundation for a thriving, profitable Facebook group. You’ll discover how to select options and settings for your specific goals. If you don’t have a group already, you’ll be well on your way to creating one once you finish this module. And if you do, don’t skip this module! Facebook is always adding new features, and you don’t want them all enabled by default. So listen in to find out why.

You’ll discover:

»  The specifics of how to create or refine your group for maximum results, so the time, energy, and money you invest yield the results you want.

»  How to define the purpose of your group, so you attract only the people who will take the actions you want them to take (for example, enroll in your membership, course, or coaching program). 

»  All the functionality in groups, so you can confidently navigate and manage your group, doing what you want to do quickly, easily, and frustration-free (if you’ve ever felt like tearing your hair out when trying to make something happen in your group, this is for you!).

»  And more.

module two

Prepare, Plan, and Launch Your Group

As a busy entrepreneur, the last thing you want to do is waste your precious time in the black hole that is social media, right? I get it! That’s why, during this module, I’m sharing six ways to control your time—both in the group and managing it.

You’ll discover:

»  How to effectively communicate to your group’s members, so you meet their expectations and keep them happy—a happy group is a profitable group (and it reduces the number of support tickets you receive, too!).

»  A system for onboarding members in free and paid groups and then keeping track of them, so everyone in your group is always up to date on payments.

»  What content to include in free groups versus paid groups, including examples and when (and how) to schedule them, so your content drives the actions you want your members to take.

»  How to nurture the group culture you want: maintain boundaries, get rid of members who don’t adhere to them, and ensure your group is a fun, safe place for everyone.

»  How to get past your fear of launching and how to launch, so you can start to experience the fun—and profitability—possible with Facebook groups.

»  And more.

module three


Here, you’ll learn zero-cost and low-effort methods to grow your group (yessss!). I’ll share several strategies, and you can choose the ones that fit your personality and schedule. My guess is, though, that knowing they’re zero-cost and require little effort, you may want to do them all!

You’ll discover:

»  Several different methods for adding your ideal clients to your group, so you’re reaching more people (without depleting your time, energy, and money resources!).

»  How to choose the methods that best suit YOU so your group is a source of energy rather than an energy drain.

»  Simple strategies that, once implemented, will grow your group on an ongoing basis, so you can finally stop working so hard! 

»  How to take advantage of Facebook’s algorithms and structure to maximize your return on time and energy invested.

»  And more.

module four

Grow Advanced

In this module, you’ll discover low-cost and higher-effort—and big return on investment—methods for growing your group. The effort will be worth it, as your group will be more engaged and profitable than ever!

You’ll discover:

»  How to avoid pitfalls business owners commonly experience as they strive to grow their groups, so you can take the fast track to profitability.

»  How to use specific tactics including challenges and contests to get more warm leads (potential buyers!) to join your group.

»  How to take advantage of Facebook’s software so it will suggest your group to new members (potential buyers!).

»  And more.

“Sandra is a master of the mindset and magic!”

If you want to learn how to run your Facebook group as a true community with heart and soul then Sandra is your women. She understands what makes people tick inside and out as well being a whizz at the tech side. Communities need special nurturing to convert to sales and Sandra is a master of the mindset and magic needed to make that happen. I just did my first real course launch and had a small win with 20 members signing up to generate $5K in 4 days. Thank you Sandra.”

Ali Mapletoft

Director at Age of Reason Studios &
Mentor to Independent Designers

module five


Having a group is good, but having an engaged group is great! When your group becomes a community where people interact and enjoy each other’s virtual company, members are more likely to think of you when it’s time to invest. This module is all about increasing and maintaining engagement, so your group is a hub for potential customers.

You’ll discover:

»  How to get your group engaged and keep them engaged, so you build momentum that lasts through every launch and beyond.

»  How to develop a posting schedule you can feel confident about in terms of its ability to engage members in precisely the right way.

»  Strategies for increasing engagement and maintaining it—including gamification and rewards—so your members help you make your group a thriving, fun place to be!

»  How to wake up your group if it’s gone dormant (don’t worry, it’s not dead yet!).

»  And more.

module six

Profit and Launch

Running a thriving Facebook group is fun, but we’re truly here for the money, right?! Now that you know how to grow and engage your group, it’s time to dig in. This is where you discover how to manage your group before, during, and after a launch, so you earn as much of the green as possible!In this module, you’ll discover low-cost and higher-effort—and big return on investment—methods for growing your group. The effort will be worth it, as your group will be more engaged and profitable than ever!

You’ll discover:

»  How to use your group to launch your next offer, so you’re launching to a group of warm, enthusiastic buyers—reaching a greater number of people and earning greater profits (can I get a “heck, yeah”?). 

»  Exactly what to do in your group before, during, and after you launch to maximize your return on time, energy, and money invested—and to maximize your profits.

»  What to do to turn your Facebook group into profits, so you can reap the rewards of all your genius. 😉 

»  How to transition from a free group to a paid group, so you can welcome the members of your new paid community without abandoning your free members. 

»  And more.

module seven


Although you’ll discover tons of time-saving strategies earlier on in the course, at some point, you may want to outsource some of the administrative tasks running a group requires. Who you hire is just as important as when you hire, and here, we’ll cover all the important details of building a team.

You’ll discover:

»  Who to hire, and when, and when to work with volunteers (and when not to), so you get the help you need when you need it. 

»  Your role as the host and leader, so you spend your resources only on what you need to, and not on what you don’t need to! 

»  How to bring on colleagues to help take more off your plate and give your members a great variety of wisdom! 

»  And more.

The 7 Modules Will Be Released Over a 10-Week Period

In Short

You’ll Complete This Course Feeling Confident

Confident in the Strategies You Need to Develop Growth and Engagement in Your Facebook Group—While Enjoying More FUN and Greater Profits.

Here’s what you’ll receive when you enroll in Engaged and Profitable Groups:

» Access to 7 weekly Modules in the private membership site (we’ve built in two implementation weeks, during which you won’t receive a new module; the course lasts a total of ten weeks including two bonus weeks below).

» Access to My How-To Vault, a collection of short video lessons that walk you, step by step, through the different tasks you’ll want to complete: creating events and announcements, scheduling posts, etc. This should remove any anxiety or fear you have around using the technology that’s available, so you can put it to work for you! This cache of lessons includes titles like:

  • How to set up Membership Preapprovals
  • How to set up Social Learning Units
  • How to create and use Topics
  • How to create and use Announcements
  • How to Find your Top Contributors
  • How to Stream a Zoom Webinar into your group

» Weekly Q&A calls via Facebook Live between February 17 and May 4.

» A variety of worksheets, checklists, and tools to help you create your group, make adjustments, and manage your launches. A sample of these include:

  • Getting Facebook to suggest your group checklist
  • Challenge guide, email list and checklist
  • Implementation week guide and checklist
  • Beta/Founders Launch checklist
  • Live Launch checklist
  • Webinar Launch checklist
  • Post Launch checklist
  • and plenty more

You’ll also get these bonuses

 To enrich your experience and ensure you have everything you need to implement what you learn.

bonus one

Access to our Exclusive Private Facebook Group

Join the exclusive Engaged and Profitable Groups private Facebook group to post your questions and celebrations, engage with other likeminded businesspeople, and share your experiences. The added benefit: you’ll get to see exactly how I run a private, paid group!

bonus two

Introducing Accountability Groups (PODs)

With Accountability Coach Richard Ralston

A POD (“Progress On Demand”) is a “high touch” small group that meets weekly, where each member reports on the completion of their one thing that they’ve identified the week before as the most important next step for them to take that will get the results they are after, or will lead them closer to achieving those results. If you want to ensure you implement this course and get accelerated results, join on of the PODs. Richard has led many successful PODs and has seen tremendous results from those who attend the POD sessions even those who felt they were getting nothing done in their business.

bonus three

Create a Virtual Scavenger Hunt

For Increased Engagement and FUN by Engagement Expert Tama-Lea Lorenzen (week of April 20)

A virtual scavenger hunt explodes engagement in your group, leading to massive conversions during your next launch. It also creates unstoppable momentum for higher completions of your online course and generates emotional connections in your membership, so members stick around! You’ll receive printable step-by-step instructions, video instruction, and a live Q&A call to get all your questions answered.

“I hope you all are jumping on this fast!”

This is an amazing opportunity that you should not allow to pass by. That is an incredible opportunity to go deep on your own Facebook group and really get dialed into your best next steps for optimal growth and engagement. Your Facebook group is one of your most strategic business assets. Don’t let this opportunity slip by. Sandra is the very best person to help you learn how to best serve your audience through your various Facebook groups.

I took this course in the beta launch period in the spring and within a couple of weeks got 150 new members in my Free Facebook group just by taking action on the things Sandra shared. My original group had over 3,000 members but it was stagnant. It was hard to get people to talk or share. We’ve added over 500 new members since then and we have lots of engagement. Plus, I love the groups a whole lot more than I did in February.

Also, the course and Sandra’s expertise has helped me figure out how to manage my paid Facebook group and my free Facebook group differently so that the paid group feels special. Before Sandra’s input, I was pretty much treating them both the same, and I was confused, and so were my members.

Sandra’s course and input game me clarity so that I no longer fear that I’m doing it wrong or not serving my members well. These two Facebook groups, the free and the paid membership, are integral to my future plans for my business.

Chris Dalziel

Author, gardener, & herbalist

You’ll walk away with absolutely everything you need to attract the right members to your group, increase engagement, and grow the group into a thriving community of raving fans who can’t wait to buy from you, get results from you, and spread the word … so your business grows, profits, and empowers you to live precisely the life you want to.

You’re probably wondering how much this is going to cost you. 

First of all, I’d love for you to consider this course an investment. When you know how to confidently manage your group, you’ll begin increasing your profits significantly—and quickly.

You’ll save time, which will free you up to do more money-making activities. 

You’ll save energy, decrease your frustration, and have more fun, too—which I believe is priceless!

That being said, the investment for Engaged and Profitable Groups is $997. 

(That’s the price point for a single payment; I also offer a payment plan which allows you to invest in three installments of $397—for a total of $1191.)

Consider how many paid memberships, course enrollments or other programs you’ll have to sell to earn back your investment (not many, right?). And consider how much easier it will be to sell those memberships, course enrollments, and programs when you have the right tools at your disposal—and, more importantly, when you know how to use them effectively.

I’m confident that what I teach works. For one, I’ve seen it work in my own groups, groups I manage, and the groups my students manage. Also, it’s really important to me that you get the results you’re looking for. I am here to support you, and to help you in any way I can.

Consider, too, the cost of not investing. You’ll continue to spit out posts, hoping something sticks, wishing for engagement in your group, but not really knowing if your work will pay off. You’ll be sporadic in your group activity, losing momentum. You’ll miss out on some of the great functionality groups have to offer—and therefore, on opportunities to increase engagement and profitability. You’ll be uncertain of what to post, when, and whether anything will help you reach your goals. Your groups will be messy and disorganized, and your members will feel frustrated about the amount of time they have to spend looking for what they want. 

In other words, you’ll miss out on a tremendous opportunity to create a thriving community of warm buyers who really can benefit from the work you do!

Plus, you make this investment at no risk, thanks to my guarantee: if, after two weeks of being enrolled in the course, you don’t believe it’s worth the investment, request a full refund and we’ll send it to you.

So now are you ready?

Yes, Sandra! I’m ready to enroll in Engaged and Profitable Groups: Grow, Engage, and Profit from Your Community, Even if You Don’t Know Where to Start, You Started and Gave Up, or Your Group Got So Huge and Messy That You Gave Up! 

3 payments of $397

(or save $194 and pay in full – $997)

Here are my answers to some of the questions I hear most frequently:

Q: I’m already strapped for cash in my business. How can I justify this investment?

A: All you need is just a handful of sales of your memberships, programs, or courses to cover your investment. And you’ll make those sales so much more quickly when you know exactly how to utilize the amazing tool groups can be.

Q: I am so busy! I’m not sure I have time to go through the modules, much less implement what I learn. How can I justify this time investment?

A: I get it. I’m a business owner, too. I know how much of a time suck social media can be … but I also know proven strategies for saving time—for ensuring that the small amount of time you invest in managing your groups when you know what you’re doing pays off! What you learn in this course will save you so much time, you might even wonder how you filled it before. 

Past participants implemented the most during our Implementation Weeks which laid out what to do each day to catch up and implement the most vital parts of the program. Implementation Weeks were reported by past participants as their favourite feature of the course. It brought on a fun competitive spirit in the group.

We are introducing Accountability Groups (PODs) in our program. A POD is a “high touch” small group that meets weekly. Each member reports on the completion of their one thing that they’ve identified the week before as the most important next step for them to take that will get the results they are after, or will lead them closer to achieving those results. If you want to ensure you implement this course and get accelerated results, join on of our PODs.

Q: How much time should I set aside for this course?

A: Set aside about an hour to watch each weekly lessons, and then an hour or two each week to implement. We cover one module per week, with two weeks being implementation weeks where you won’t get any new content, but you’ll have time to catch up or implement what you’ve learned so far.

Q: I don’t have a group yet. Will this course work for me?

A: Yes! You’re in a great space: you can start your group off on the right foot from the very beginning. I’ll show you how to start your group from scratch.

Q: I have a group, but it hasn’t grown. Will this course work for me?

A: Absolutely! I’ve helped many business owners grow their groups even when they’d become stagnant, dormant, comatose, or full of crickets for months! I’ll show you how to liven up your group and I’ll explain why it stopped growing so you can avoid that in the future.

Q: I have a group, but it’s too big and out of control. Will this course work for me?

A: Yep! Groups that grow too fast or without boundaries and rules can get a little unwieldy! But I’ll show you what to do to make any necessary repairs and cultivate the kind of culture you want your members to experience.

Q: I have a group and it’s going okay, but members don’t buy from me. Can you help?

A: Yes, there are specific strategies you can use to ensure you’re targeting your ideal clients, to ensure you’re giving them what they want and need, and to encourage them to buy. I’ll show you!

Q: Although I want a big, engaged group, I also don’t want to have to manage a large group later. Will this course work for me?

A: Yes! I’ll show you how to get volunteers to help you manage your group, or when to hire paid help if you don’t want to manage everything on your own. 

Q: I’ve purchased courses in the past and never done anything with them. How will this course be different?

A: Remember, it’s my specialty to get and keep you engaged. 😉 Seriously, though, you’re not going to get results until you’ve made the decision that you’re going to take action and do things differently. I’ll do everything in my power to support you, but you have to do the work!

Q: I’m not technical. Will I be able to follow along?

A: Yes! That’s exactly what my How-To Vault is for. Although I don’t cover the tech inside the modules, the How-To Vault is made up of video lessons on how to use the technology to do each of the tasks I recommend in the modules. I take you step-by-step through the processes. As you watch, you can follow along, do the steps, and pause the videos when you need to. The only technology you need for this course is a webcam or smartphone and a photo editor (Canva is a good free option).

Q: Are there any other costs involved?

A: If you choose to run Facebook ads during this course, you’ll have to pay for that—but it’s optional! And if you don’t want to edit your own images for posting in your group, you may want to hire someone to do that.

Q: What if I have questions during the course?

A: You can always post questions in the private Facebook group, and I’ll do my best to answer them there. Also, we’ll have weekly Q&A calls throughout the course. You can send your questions ahead of time, or ask me on the call.

Q: I need to check with my spouse before I invest.

A: Of course—I understand. Ask your spouse to read this page and imagine how much more successful your business will be when you have the systems in place to make money with it … and how much less overwhelmed you’ll be when things are flowing smoothly! You’ll have so much more time to spend with your spouse, and you’ll be able to relax, knowing your group is working hard in the background to make you money. 

“Best decision I ever made!!!”

“Hiring Sandra to help me with two of my launches and to grow my group, it was the best decision I ever made!!! My FB group grew from 600 to almost 3,000 in 3 weeks. We brought in 250 new members in the first launch and 221 during the second launch. Both launches brought in 5 figure months.

Marilyn Alauria

Psychic medium, teacher and coach

I understand that for my investment of $997 (or three installments of $397) I receive:

» 7 Weekly Modules (plus two built-in two implementation weeks, during which I won’t receive a new module, and two bonus weeks)

» Access to Your How-To Vault

» Weekly Q&A calls

» A variety of worksheets, checklists, and tools

Plus, the following bonuses:

» Bonus 1: Access to our Exclusive Private Facebook Group 

» Bonus 2: Accountability Groups with POD expert Richard Ralston

» Bonus 3: Create a Virtual Scavenger Hunt for Increased Engagement and FUN by Engagement Expert Tama-Lea Lorenzen

And I understand I make this investment at no risk. I have two full weeks to immerse myself in the program, materials, and the Facebook group. If I don’t believe it’s worth the investment, I can ask for and receive a full refund.

Sign me up!

3 payments of $397

(or save $194 and pay in full – $997)

It’s worth repeating: I REALLY want to see you succeed. And I know you want to succeed, too. You started your business because you want to help people—the more, the better. 

Building and maintaining an engaged, thriving group with a fun, supportive culture is one of the best ways I know to reach more people, change more lives, and, of course make more money whenever you launch. 

It works ONLY if you know how to work it, though, and that’s exactly what I’m here to teach you to do. 

I look forward to working with you! 

To your success,


P.S. Imagine feeling confident and strategic as you ENJOY interacting with your group … and then watching the profits come in! If this sounds like something you’re into (and who isn’t into having fun and earning more money?!), enroll in Engaged and Profitable Groups now, here:

Yes, Sandra! I’m ready to enroll in Engaged and Profitable Groups: Grow, Engage, and Profit from Your Community, Even if You Don’t Know Where to Start, You Started and Gave Up, or Your Group Got So Huge and Messy That You Gave Up! 

3 payments of $397

(or save $194 and pay in full – $997)

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