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$297 / monthly or
$2997 / annual

Want to have Sandra in your corner 3x a month? Join her Community-Driven Business Accelerator. Ask Sandra about your community, launches, offers, tech, and memberships! You not only get Sandra’s coaching but also access to a copy coach and a YouTube coach each month. This program includes our Engaged Groups Membership and our signature course “Engaged and Profitable groups”


If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to create a highly engaged group (or groups!) but wants to spend less time figuring out what to post and more time engaging with your group, I’d like to invite you to join me on this journey and become a member. When you become a member of the Engaged Groups membership, you get a group editorial calendar, engaging posts, monthly strategy sessions, monthly Q&A sessions with Sandra, and several bonuses. Join today if you want to be an Engager!

$497 / 3-monthLY payments or
a one-time payment of $1297

Engaged and Profitable Groups is a 10-week coaching program that gives you everything to create a profitable community.  It’s a fully supported coaching program where we’re with you, every step of the way. You get weekly live coaching, implementation weeks, and accountability groups so you don’t just learn what to do, you apply it so you get results!