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Running a challenge doesn’t have to be challenging!

If you’d love for people to rush to join your group, are looking for a way to energize your stagnant community, or want your audience to jump at your next launch, running a challenge in your group is a must!

Challenges are one of my FAVORITE ways to grow, engage, and monetize a group. In addition to creating a buzz in and out of your community, one of the best parts is watching challenge participants get excited and share their results!

“Ok, I’m listening, but what is a challenge?”

Great question! You can hold a challenge in your group by telling members that they can expect certain results from participating in daily tasks that you set out. In my past challenges, I’ve given participants 15 minute daily tasks that helped them increase their group engagement by at least 50%. The best challenges also include daily training sessions—all of which I will show you how to do in this workshop!

There are a lot of communities out there, and yours may be one of one hundred that cover the same topic. But running an event like a challenge is a way to make your group stand out from the rest of the crowd!

Holding a challenge in your group also gives people on the outside a reason to join your community as fast as they can, because they won’t want to miss out on being a part of it!

Challenges are one of my FAVORITE ways to grow, engage, and monetize a group. In addition to creating a buzz in and out of your community, one of the best parts is watching challenge participants get excited and share their results!

Why run a challenge?


You’ll learn so much about your audience from running a challenge!


Your engagement in your group will skyrocket when members are posting about their wins, asking questions, or sharing their progress!


Challenges are a great way to lead up to a launch because your group will already be excited, warmed up, and ready to buy!


You’ll provide something valuable to the members in your group, and can showcase your expertise!


You'll monetize your group! Launch your membership, course, mastermind or workshop and convert challenge participants into paying clients.


You’ll pull new members into your group because they’ll want in on all the...

There are people out there who are a perfect fit for your group who just haven’t heard about you yet. Holding a challenge will help you to reach these potential new members, inspire genuine engagement, and create a community of loyal fans…all while you’re having fun!

I created the Challenge Launch Workshop after clients, participants, and other entrepreneurs were begging me to teach them how I pulled off my challenges so successfully, and how I was able to convert so many challenge participants into customers.

Through this workshop, you’ll learn how I design, plan, fill, and monetize my challenges so you can replicate my strategies in your own group!

In this workshop I’ll walk you through how to:

Design your challenge so it will easily convert participants into your course, membership, or other offer

Plan out your challenge through scheduling, while adding other items that will enhance your participants’ experiences and will help you better connect with your group members

Fill your challenge organically. I’ll also be revealing how I’ve used Facebook ads in the past to attract large numbers of participants

Time your challenge and launch dates for the highest rate of conversion

You’ll also get checklists, example promotions, and a workbook to fast forward your progress so you can get to running your challenge and seeing results even faster!

We originally ran this workshop
in 2020 and…

we have updated it with new trends and strategies!

In the summer of 2020 I launched my “Engage and Grow your Facebook Group” challenge.

That challenge and the membership launch that followed, went so well my inbox and msger notifications were dinging non-stop. Clients, participants and other entrepreneurs were begging me to teach them how I designed, planned, filled and then converted challenge participants into 142 new members into my Engaged Groups membership.

I decided, (I mean, I was BEGGED) to run this workshop to teach entrepreneurs what I did and the strategies behind it to fill their own memberships, courses and other programs.

Here’s the breakdown of that launch:

998 joined the challenge and my email list

740 people joined my Free Facebook Group

142 new members (50 annual and 92 monthly) joined my membership

launch revenue $21,094 (including $3407.70 of monthly recurring revenue )

all of this with a small and fairly new list

If you enjoyed any of my previous challenges and want to run a Challenge Launch to fill your courses, memberships or other programs this is for you!

 I rerecorded this workshop live and added fresh content!


Q: How soon will I gain access to the recorded workshop?

A: You’ll recieve an email with your login asap so you can dig in right away!

Q: Do I need a Facebook Group to run a challenge?

A: You don’t *need* one but you’ll get a lot out of your challenges if you run them within your free communities, whether it be Facebook, Circle, Mighty Networks, Slack etc.

Q: Will I need to pay for ads?

A: No. Although it helps, you won’t be forced into paying for ads.

Q: Is there a workbook?

A: Yes, a workbook will be provided just before the workshop.

Q: I don’t have a big audience yet. Will this still work for me?

A: While having a big audience is ideal, you need an engaged audience and a place to promote your challenge. A challenge is a great way to grow your audience and engage them too.

When I ran my first challenge I had small numbers but I kept improving my challenges and increasing my audience and the work paid off!

Q: I have more questions! Where do I ask them?

A: You can email our team at or msg Sandra on FB

If you’re looking for a way to grow your group, and to get your community excited for your next offer, this workshop is for you!