Congratulations you are one step closer to a engaged and monetized growing group!

But first

1. Join the Groups for Entrepreneurs Facebook Group for the challenge and to watch all of the FB Group training starting Wednesday March 23rd!

2. Please add the challenge to your calendar with a note to check your email daily and join us in the group: March 23rd – March 31

3. To locate our emails quickly search
“engaged groups” in your inbox.

Let’s work through the challenge activities together!

Upgrade to the Challenge Implementation Experience for just $27!

What you get with the Challenge Implementation Experience upgrade:

  • Accountability, who doesn’t need more accountability?
  • Implement the challenge activities along side others
  • Meet on Zoom 4x during the challenge with me, Sandra, so we can work together.
    I’ll answer your questions, give you my feedback based on my 6 years of Facebook Group experience and 17 years online, and I’m known to generate ideas for your groups and new membership/course/workshop ideas to monetize your group even further.
    Calls: are 2-3pm eastern on Wednesday March 23, Friday March 25, Monday March 28, Wednesday March 30
  • Can’t make a call? You’ll get the Zoom recordings as part of this upgrade!
  • All Challenge Training recordings – once the challenge is over we are taking down the challenge training sessions I’ll be doing throughout the challenge in the group, but you’ll get to keep them as part of this upgrade!

If you want to ensure you implement this challenge so you can increase your group growth, engage your members for a stronger community and confidently sell and promote your products and services, the Challenge Implementation Experience is for you!

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