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Join the Groups for Entrepreneurs Facebook Group for the challenge and to watch all of the FB Group training starting Wednesday September 30 to Thursday October 8!

Please add the challenge to your calendar with a note to check your email daily and join us in the group: September 30 – October 8

I’m excited to see what you achieve during this challenge! I’ll see you in the group!


While you are here…

You’re invited to join my upcoming mini workshop.

Get your 2021 Launch Calendar Done!

Would you like to end 2020 with a strategic launch plan so that you can fill your courses and memberships in 2021?

Work with me to map out all of your launches, including your warm up plan, launch dates, bonuses, open cart and close cart dates

…even if you have never planned a launch before or have planned dozens of launches!

I’ll show you how to perfectly plan your year so you can launch without burning yourself out and you’ll know what you are doing each month, vs guessing or rushing launches. We all know what happens when you a rush a launch! Ack!

In this 2 hour workshop I will take you through the same strategy I have used over the last few years to keep me focused, on track and to keep myself accountable for launching when I say I’ll launch (except when covid hit and disrupted life).

Start 2021 with a plan in your hand to keep you focused so you don’t end up squeezing launches, running out of time or worse not launching at all and losing out on revenue!

There are two dates to choose from and they will be recorded and made available to you! Even if you can’t join us live the recording will be well worth it!

Choose from Friday October 2nd 10am-12pm or Tuesday October 6th 2-4pm eastern

I won’t be running this workshop again until next year. So now is the time to grab the recordings at this low low low investment


It’s just $27 for the first 100 people!

I presented this workshop to the members of my Mastermind last month and this is what they had to say…

Yes I want to attend the "Get your 2021 Launch Calendar Done!" workshop

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