Are you ready?

to increase your
by at least 50%, GROW YOUR GROUP and MONETIZE IT
in just 5 days?

You will grow your group,
while increasing the engagement
and connection in your group
using easy, ethical and values-based strategies!


If you are sick of your (Free and Paid) group members not engaging with the content you are spending time creating and putting out there, this challenge is for you!


If you are almost ready to give up on growing your group and give up on your members who are not reading your posts, this challenge is for you!


If you have a launch coming up, whether a membership, a course, a mastermind, or a virtual live event, use this challenge to grow your group, warm up your group and increase the engagement so that more people see your posts and actually engage AND buy when you do launch!


If you need to boost your confidence around how to use, manage, build and grow a Facebook Group, then our week long training event (along side this challenge) is for you!


Register for the Grow, Engage and Monetize Your Group challenge by filling in the form below. Your first set of short instructions will be sent to you shortly afterwards. 

Then get ready to watch your group grow, your engagement go through the roof and your own enthusiasm light up!

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In previous challenges participants have increased engagement by up to 1,700%!

Here’s what you get in this challenge:

  • Daily emails detailing exactly what to do in your group to increase engagement, grow your group and monetize it!
    • Some days we will give you content to copy and post in your group (Engaging Posts). Yes, copy and paste, no thinking required on your part, you have other things to do!
    • Learn my strategies which will engage your group, grow your group and monetize your group
  • Daily training in our Facebook Group starting Wednesday March 24!
    • FB Group Audit
    • Sandra’s Group Hacks
    • 3 easy ways to grow your group
    • 2 Q&As
    • Engaged and Profitable Groups
    • How to analyze and strategically use your group stats
    • 3 ways to Monetize your Group
    • Success Panel
    • Coffee Chat with Sandra

Have a look at Nancy and Anna’s stats after our last challenge.

Nancy’s comments alone went up by 3900%!

Have a look at Anna’s stats! Her increased engagement speaks for itself.

Her enthusiasm for her group went through the roof and since Anna has monetized her group over and over again! 

Let’s grow your group, increase your engagement and get you excited about your group, easily and with our ethics and values in check!



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