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Engage, Strategize, Launch and Monetize


Nice to meet you!  *waves* 👋

Straight up, I didn’t plan to focus on groups.

As a business coach for over 15 years, my specialty was (and is!) in launches and technology.

Back in 2016, Stu McLaren asked for my help to launch TRIBE, his signature course on membership sites and how to generate recurring revenue in your business.

Then he asked me…

“What if you created a Facebook group to help with the TRIBE launch?”

It worked SO well that after the launch he asked…

“What if you created a Facebook group for the people who purchased TRIBE?”

THEN he asked,

“What if you became Head Coach in the high-end TRIBE + program?”

By then the community had racked up millions of dollars in sales.  Our 6 Facebook groups were not only wildy engaged, they were wildly profitable.

And EVERYONE noticed.

When I decided to go back into my own business full-time, the number one question people asked me was.

“Can you help me create an engaged and profitable Facebook group?!”

I realized I’d gotten creating, running, and monetizing Facebook groups down to a T.

Since then I have had my hands in over 300 Facebook Groups and I have helped many clients launch and generate 6 figures!

I have since combined my Facebook group wizardry with my love for launches, specifically challenge launches, to create this bundle!

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Note: This bundle is a one time offer until 11:59pm eastern on Monday November 30th. Afterwards, these workshops and mini-courses will all be sold separately at their regular prices.

This digital bundle

will get you prepared for 2021 with this bundle of awesomeness that will guide you….


….through planning your 2021 launch schedule so that won’t burn you out or miss out on good launching opportunities


….on how to plan, design and execute a challenge to grow your Facebook group, grow your email list and sell your memberships, courses or masterminds easily!


….on how to get a highly engaged and growing group (no matter if it’s a brand new group or a group with 1000s of members in it)!

Are you ready…

…to have successful launches and stop wasting your time fiddling around with your launch plans, Facebook groups, launch strategy and more?

I got you!

If you are ready to be the boss of a solid Facebook group that you are proud of, that’s filled with raving engaging fans, fans who become clients (and friends), while also generating revenue by selling your memberships, courses, coaching or masterminds?

This bundle is only available until 11:59pm eastern on Monday November 30th and after that I will be selling all of these products separately and at their regular prices. They won’t be bundled like this again, nor will they be “on sale” again, so now is the time to grab them.

After Monday November 30th, you could grab them all separately at the regular price but that would cost you $208, so why not grab all of them for just $97 and save $111 now?

Here is what you get


2021 Launch Calendar


Regularly $47

Start 2021 with a plan in your hand to keep you focused so you don’t end up squeezing launches, running out of time or worse not launching at all and losing out on revenue!

Plan your 2021 launch schedule so you can be accountable to yourself, plan and act ahead of time and make money!

I want you to end 2020 with a strategic launch plan so that you can fill your courses and memberships in 2021!

In this workshop we map out all of your launches, including your warm up plan, launch dates, bonuses, open cart and close cart dates

…even if you have never planned a launch before or have planned dozens of launches!

I show you how to perfectly plan your year so you can launch without burning yourself out and you’ll know what you are doing each month, vs guessing or rushing launches at the last minute. We all know what happens when you rush a launch! Ack!

In this 2 hour workshop I will take you through the same strategy I have used over the last few years to keep me focused, on track and to keep myself accountable for launching when I say I’ll launch (except when covid hit and disrupted life).

Regularly $97

How to use a challenge to grow your group, grow your list and sell your memberships, courses or masterminds!

Go from (no) idea to implementation and execution in an afternoon!

In this workshop I will walk you through 


  • How to design your challenge so that in the end it easily converts participants into your offer
  • Planning your challenge from scheduling it out, to adding other items that will enhance your participant’s experiences and connection.
  • How to fill your challenge organically. I’ll also be revealing how we used FB Ads to promote our latest challenge that attracted 998 participants.
  • How to time your challenge and your launch dates for high conversion, high connection and a lot of fun!
  • You’ll also get checklists and a workbook.


 Your Group

Regularly $27

Confused and uncertain about what to post or do in your Facebook Group but you know you need to increase activity in your dead group? Or perhaps your group is fairly new and you want to kick things off on the right foot? 

The “Kickstart Your Group” mini-course is a 3 week complete action plan for your group to get it going or wake it up. You’ll get day by day instructions on what to post in your group and the strategy behind it. Some days you will copy and post what I have included in the guide and other days you will be walked through one of my favourite strategies that results in group growth, engagement, your authority and monetization!

Also included in this mini-course is step by step training on how to do all the low “tech” things you need to do to follow this plan. Follow along as I create events, polls and more.

Group engagement


Regularly $37

So many entrepreneurs struggle with getting people to engage in their group and keep engagement going! In this mini-course you will learn how to increase engagement in your group by using the engaging posts I include, just copy and paste the captions and two engagement strategies I use! 


  • 10 proven highly engaging posts to copy and paste into your group and increase engagement (pdf)
  • Poll + Live strategy – Learn how to use this strategy to engage members, grow your group and show your authority (video)
  • Acknowledge strategy – Learn the simple thing I do to acknowledge engaged members while encouraging unengaged members to engage (video)
  • Time saving strategies – Because I know you are worried about spending too much time in your groups (tips)


Successful Launch


Engage, Strategize, Launch and Monetize


Go from unplanned and frazzled last minute launches that do “okay” to strategic and thought out launches that fill your bank account and your heart!


Go from not knowing what to do next in your Facebook group to having a 3 week complete day by day plan that will grow, engage and monetize your group!


Go from having a boring group that you don’t even want to spend time in to a community that lights you up and has you filled with possibly!

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