Nobody said managing your own business was easy…

… but no one said you had to go it alone, either! If you want to make your launches more successful, grow your audience, and kiss your burnout goodbye, then welcome! We’re here to help.

With the Grow, Engage, and Monetize Bundle, you’ll get the tools you need to promote and grow your audience in a sustainable and ethical way. No spamming, no sales pitches to in-laws, and no wasting time fiddling with your launch plans.

Create a solid community that you’re proud of, that’s filled with engaging fans who become clients, and learn strategies from someone who’s been there, done that.

Hi, I’m Sandra De Freitas.

I’m a business coach who focuses on helping fellow entrepreneurs to grow their businesses with launches and Facebook groups. Over the years I’ve gotten creating, running, and monetizing Facebook groups down to a T, and I’ve had my hands in over 500 Facebook groups. I’ve combined my Facebook group wizardry and love for launches with my passion for helping overwhelmed business owners, to create this bundle that will help you grow, engage, and monetize!

What You’ll Get

In this bundle, you can learn how to grow your group with a welcome gift, and see how to promote your group…even when you can’t post a link to your business. You’ll get inspired by ways to get your community talking with our “23 Highly Engaging Posts,” and learn how to monetize your group with our guide “Live Launches.”

As a bonus, you’ll receive a Group Stats Tracker so you can take advantage of more growth, engagement, and monetization opportunities.

Get this jump-start for your business for only $197

This digital bundle

Get ready to rock 2024 with this bundle that will teach you to


…Grow Your Group with a Welcome Gift


…Engage your group, connect with your members, and find what they need from you


…Monetize your group with Live Launches


…Promote Yourself in groups in an ethical way


…Get a bird’s eye view of your group with a stats tracker

The Bundle Breakdown

Grow Your Group


$197 VALUE

Feel like you’ve exhausted every way to grow or expand your group? Are you starting to suspect you’re just talking to the same group of people every week?

New members can bring new life into your group…and new sales. With our “Grow your Group with a Welcome Gift” guide, you’ll have new fans knocking down your door!

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use a “freebie” to get excited future clients to flock to your group. I’ll show you how a gift can entice new members and add value to current ones.

I’ll break down the components of what makes a great welcome gift, and share some examples I’ve seen that have worked well in the past. Once you’ve decided what your welcome gift will be, I’ll give you a step-by-step tech checklist of how to share your gift on different platforms, and share different strategies on how to best promote the offer!

Engage Your Group

with 23 Highly Engaging Posts


Hearing crickets every time you post in your group? Engagement is what sparks excitement for your business and draws in new members…and it’s what makes having a group fun!

If you’re not seeing the amount of comments, posts, likes, and conversations that you’d like to, then you’re not alone. One of the biggest struggles with a Facebook group is engagement.

But don’t worry! With our guide on engaging your group with 23 highly engaging posts, you’ll get your community chatting in no time! Get 23 examples of posts to inspire you, tweak the captions to make them your own, and let the conversation flow.



$197 VALUE

Live launches are a great way to stir up excitement in your group, and they allow you to showcase your expertise! Shine a spotlight on your business through live streaming on platforms like Facebook Live, and monetize the group you’ve worked so hard to create.

And the best part? Live launches don’t require much content planning ahead of time!

In this tutorial, you can watch over my shoulder as I plan out a live launch step by step. From the beginning stages of how to warm up your audience for your live launch, to going live, to post-launch closing, it’s all covered!

Everything is planned out for you to the day, and I’ve provided a calendar that you can use when planning your own live launch!

Promote Your Group

When You Can’t Promote Your Group


In many Facebook groups, one of the main rules is to not post links or to self-promote. And that’s a good thing! (Nobody wants to be a part of a community overridden with spam.)

But how are you supposed to get the word out about your amazing group that has exactly what someone is looking for?

In this guide, you’ll learn how to promote your group, even when you can’t promote your group.

When you’re in a group and you’re really active, people will be clicking on your profile to learn more about you. That’s why, to promote your group (without promoting your group) you need to have your profile optimized and ready for views!

In this tutorial, I’ll provide you with tips and tricks on how to turn your personal Facebook profile into an effective tool to point people to your business. You’ll get a step by step guide on how to personalize your user profile for each Facebook group that you’re in. Learn how to tailor your user profile to each group you’re in, and how to promote certain products to different audiences.


Group Stats Tracker for Growth, Engagement, and Membership Opportunities


As a bonus, we’ve included a tracker to show the growth, engagement, and membership of your group!

Facebook is great at a lot of things, but one thing it hasn’t quite perfected is the Insights Page. The data is all there, whether you’re looking for post engagement, the total of membership requests, or the most popular times to post, but it’s difficult to see a month-by-month comparison if you have to toggle between your stats for different months.

If there’s one thing you don’t have, it’s time to waste.

We’ve created a Group Stats Tracker that will allow you to see all of your data all in one place, where it belongs. Get a bird’s eye view of your group, for as far back as you created your group.

Track the number of new members, active members, total membership requests, number of posts per month, number of reactions, the most popular times to post, and more!

With a video tutorial, and notes that show you exactly where to grab and insert your data, it’s a simple way to monitor the progress of your group, and to learn more about your audience.

A portion of the sales from the Grow, Engage and Monetize Bundle will be donated to True North Aid.

True North Aid is dedicated to serving and supporting northern Indigenous communities in Canada through practical humanitarian support. With more than 60 per cent of Indigenous children living below the poverty line, there is much work to be done. The issues facing Indigenous communities in Canada are complex and are the result of many things that have transpired over the past 150 years. True North Aid believes that self-governance and self-determination is key to closing the poverty gap.


Learn how to grow your group in an ethical way with tested methods that double as time saving strategies


Get your group excited, engaged, and warmed up for your next launch


Monetize your group through a Live Launch, and put you and your business in the spotlight


Get organized, track your group’s progress, and get to know your audience members

Invest in your business, and take advantage of this limited-time deal!

with a welcome gift
$197 VALUE

with 23 Highly Engaging Posts

with live launches
$197 VALUE

When You Can’t Promote Your Group

Group Stats Tracker for Growth, Engagement, and Membership Opportunities

A $635 bundle for just $197

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