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Fill your Funnel Workshop

Create financial stability & move your audience from “free” to “buyers”!

When a customer buys from you once, they are likely to buy from you again. In this training I teach you how to create a low-cost offer that will have them buy from you and pay attention to you month after month.

In this training I will show you:

– How to fill your funnel and create consistent recurring revenue with ONE simple leveraged offer!

– The 8 different proven offer types you can choose from to achieve financial stability with recurring revenue

– How to properly price your offer


now $48.50


High Level MRR Workshop

Make Bank with your Highly Transformational Membership!

If you are completely booked out with 1:1 clients, losing potential clients to competitors who already have a leveraged offer, clients are asking for more access to you but your calendar is full or you know you have more to offer, then it’s time to BOSS UP with a High-Level Membership. This on-demand workshop will help you design that $500+ per month membership!


now $48.50

most popular!

Structure and Style

This is the course to teach you exactly how to structure your membership and how to style it in under 3 hours! 

Includes 80+ Deliverable ideas, a workbook and more to design, launch and promote your membership!

Learn how to:

– Create & price a membership site that sells

– Create content in a way that saves you time, but, still serves your members

– Set it all up with minimal tech investment

– Choose deliverables that will keep your members engaged and coming back for more

– And 5 membership models


now $198.50


Membership Site Audit

Is your Membership site not creating the recurring revenue, retention and freedom you were hoping for?

Your membership site, marketing plan, launch plan and retention plans could potentially be missing some key strategic pieces, but it’s so hard to see them when you are not an outsider.

That’s why I created the Membership Site Audit! Let me use my 19 years of membership experience and look at your membership with fresh eyes!

Let me create a custom Membership Audit to help you identify any problems your membership site, offer, marketing, launches, tech and retention plans may be missing so that you can implement changes and obtain the recurring revenue, high retention and fun membership community you have been seeking!


now $498.50


Membership Intensive

Are you ready to launch your new membership? Fast forward your membership program success so you can start collecting recurring revenue in less than 30 days?


Perhaps your existing membership is in need of a refresh?

Get my 19 years of membership site design, marketing, building and launching, on your membership program so you can redesign it, transform your member’s experiences, increase retention, plan your next launch and more.

Let’s do this in a full day so you can walk away with a full plan to implement and launch in < 30 days!


now $2500



Challenge Launch Workshop

Challenges are one of my FAVORITE ways to grow, engage, and monetize a community.

In addition to creating a buzz in and out of your community, one of the best parts is watching challenge participants get excited and share their results! It’s a great way to launch your course, membership, mastermind or other program! I will walk you through designing your challenge, scheduling your challenge, filling your challenge organically, converting challenge participants into buyers and I give you email, post, pages and ad examples so you can tweak them as you please and launch this challenge quick and easy!


now $73.50


When not to launch

I save you angst, time, energy and money with this awesome tool!

It’s a 2024 calendar for the entrepreneur. It has over 90 dates in it to either avoid launching/promoting or be sensitive of when launching. These dates cover holidays in 5 countries, major religions’ observances, major sporting events, astrological events and more!

I have seen so many plan their year or their individual launches and then realize that their launching during major events when people are distracted, avoiding the internet or spending their money elsewhere, resulting in disappointing sales and registrations….there are some BIG events happening in 2024, you don’t want to be in the dark about this!

This product starts at $9, but for Black Friday you can attend one of the “Get Your 2024 Launch Calendar Done” workshops when you buy the $27 package which is ALREADY so valuable!


Kickstart your Facebook Group

The “Kickstart your FB Group Plan”, your daily calendar on what to do in your group over the next 3 weeks, along with copy and paste posts, polls to create and more.

We have also included “How to Videos” which give you the step by step training to follow this plan! Confidently grow and engage your group!


now $13.50

Grow your Group

Fill your Facebook™ group full of highly engaged, perfect prospects … then monetize & enjoy the community you’ve built!

What if you could wake up to new member requests from people in your target market every single day.

Follow this on demand workshop, fill in the Grow your Group Workbook, grab your Event Checklist and more, while you grow your group!!


now $18.50

Wake up your Dead Group

Has your Facebook Group taken a nose dive in terms of engagement and fun? Ready to revive it?

During this 90-minute How to Wake Up Your Dead Facebook™ Group Workshop I’ll walk you, step-by-step, through:

How to gently break the awkward silence when your group has been dormant for months

3 super easy methods to get your members to engage again and stay engaged

5 simple-to-implement, engaging posts that you can copy and paste into your group to boost engagement

How to create an action plan, so you confidently know what to do to engage and connect with your group over the next month while you make sales!

How to leverage all this new energy in your group to launch or revive any offer and generate sales on demand!


now $18.50


Grow, Engage and Monetize Bundle

Get ready to rock 2024 with this bundle that will teach you to:

Grow Your Group with a Welcome Gift

Engage your group, connect with your members, and find what they need from you

Monetize your group with Live Launches

Promote Yourself in groups in an ethical way

Get a bird’s eye view of your group with a stats tracker


now $98.50


Facebook Group Audit

You have a Facebook group and it’s doing okay but you know that it could be maximized!

You want more engagement and more members, to monetize your group with integrity, more ideas, structures and strategies from a pro, and you want to ensure your group is set up properly and efficiently.

You want your community to stand out and be the leading community in your area of expertise.

Let me use my 7 years of Community experience, and 19 years of online business experience to audit your group for growth, engagement, monetization, team needs, automation, group culture, ideas, value add, overall structure and strategy.


now $498.50

If you have questions about which product is best for you, feel free to contact our team at or contact Sandra via FB Messenger

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